the city of new york must remediate pcbs now, not in 10 years

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-05
Last month, after considerable resistance, New York City announced a comprehensive plan to repair PCBs (PCBs)
772 of public schools in five districts of New York.
This is welcome news and significant progress in the past few years.
A long campaign led by the author of this work
Ed is a coalition of parents, advocates, union members and other elected officials.
The United States has been testing for several months. S.
Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA)
There is indisputable evidence that hundreds of schools have been contaminated with PCBs much higher than federal guidelines and that no action is no longer an option.
In finally agreeing to take this critical step, the city acknowledges that the PCB poses a health threat
The children, teachers and staff at the school were filled with lights.
Unfortunately, the city is now proposing to complete the work of replacing them in an amazing 10 years.
Such a schedule is far from enough to take health risks seriously and urgently as our school children deserve.
EPA, the United States\'s highest authority in PCB pollution and repair, is firmly on our side.
The EPA\'s New York District chief executive, Judith Enck, made it clear that \"the decade is too long.
Still, skeptics are still under attack.
An editorial in The New York Daily News supports the city\'s own opponents, saying that PCBs are
\"Zero risk\", we \"remind parents unnecessarily.
A fake expert at the New York Post says the evidence for PCBs is \"garbage\"
And accused us of inciting \"hysteria\" and \"fear mongers \".
\"These articles, like propaganda from the PR department of PCB manufacturers, defend the city\'s adventure proposal
Indicate the harm of PCBs to children.
But the danger of PCB exposure is good in reality --
For the record, science is very clear. -
The Congress banned the chemicals in 1976.
PCBs are a known neurotoxin and fertility toxin, and exposure to this toxin is particularly dangerous for children and pregnant women.
The National Toxicology Program of the Environmental Protection Agency, the International Agency for Cancer Research and the National Institutes of Health have identified PCBs as a possible human carcinogenic substance.
Expert environmental health physicians and scientists associate PCBs with cardiovascular, endocrine, immune and cognitive disorders.
Prenatal and early exposure to children shows serious risks, including ADHD, increased aggression, and concerns already mentioned.
In addition to the intake of PCBs, children can also contact PCBs by breathing polluted air
Contaminated food and exposure to PCBs.
The longer children breathe air containing these toxins, the greater the intensity of contact, and the greater the risk of serious health conditions ---
Or simply do not give full play to their development potential.
These delays and doubts about the established science are unpleasant and disturbing, and remind us that in the years following the 9/11 incident, irresponsible authorities ---
City and federal government-
Tell us that breathing is safe when the air around the ground is obviously restless.
At that time, the government should be the protector of the people. We insist that now the government should act honestly and appropriately to learn from history.
It must always take people--
In the case of PCBs, children-
Get sick before we accept scientific proof and solve environmental health problems?
Ten years is an unbearable exposure window for children.
More schools are tested every month and shocking levels of PCBs are announced.
We wonder if the doubters will consider sending their children to P. S.
306 in Brooklyn, several rooms tested found more than 1 million PCBs per million, making the sample 100% pure PCBs.
Will the children sit in these classrooms for a week, a month, a school year, maybe six years until they graduate from elementary school?
Are you willing to take risks with your own children?
MP Rosenthal has introduced legislation to speed up the city\'s response and replace 100% of toxic light ballasts in school buildings built or substantially renovated between 1978 and 1950 in three to five years.
This is an acceptable schedule for us.
In addition, in order to help cities like ours finance the huge cost of repairing PCBs, the representative
Nadler has legislation. -
The Safe Schools, Healthy Children Act, also sponsored by the representative. Joe Crowley (D-Queens)
And Jose Serano (D-Bronx)--
This will provide a possible path.
In addition, there are many other sources of funding, including signing contracts with energy service companies (ESCOs)
Replace old energy-
Brightly lit lamps.
ESCOs are keen to provide upfront funding and make profits by paying from energy efficiency savings.
The New York electric power authority also provided technical assistance to the city for the project.
Using these energy-saving models will actually pay for the project within three years.
At the lowest cost of the city and the opportunity to quickly address these dangers faced by current students, is there any reason for the city to delay the inevitable cleanup?
We cannot continue to play Russian roulette in our children\'s lives.
PCBs must be remedied quickly and effectively from schools in New York.
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