PCB Solution


You will get the most valuable PCB services from Rocket and we are confident in our great cost performance.

With our excellent production cost and quality control, we will greatly save costs for our partners.

Material Inventory Advantage

We have long-term and in-depth cooperation with class-A material suppliers, so we have a strong material inventory advantage.


You can freely choose the material that you like for the design with our various kinds of materials available to greatly save your trouble and avoid the project delay. Of course, if needed, we will also provide suggestions on your material selection to reduce your costs.


In the RF field especially, we have established strong partnerships with different reputed material suppliers such as Rogers, Arlon, Nelco and Taconic for providing you with different models of RF PCB.

We have put a large number of products in the warehouses of Rogers (4003 and 4350 series) and Arlon. Given the high cost of inventory, not many companies are willing to do so. But we undertake the inventory costs for providing you with the fastest service.  
See our list of materials for details.

Cost Solution

The core competency of the company is our detailed engineering support and our superior execution. Our primary priority will be to pair our skilled DFM engineers with your own product developers or PCB designers to ensure the implementation and formulation of economical and highly reliable design. We regularly review material selection, production capacity and completion requirements for production efficiency and ensure that we are always at the forefront of the latest rigid PCB, RF and HDI technologies. In addition, we are committed to maximizing our array assembly and optimizing our panel utilization as well as impedance calculations (single end, horizontal differential and wide-edge difference). Also, we put forward suggestions on blind vias, buried vias, laser stack vias, plug vias and suggestions on stack-up optimization and production cost optimization. Our Lean Six Sigma management system also helps us maintain a strong advantage in production cost control.


You can always expect the support from a highly knowledgeable staff from our corporate contacts. And field support is also available. If you want to establish a strong partnership with an industry leader, please feel free to contact us.

Bargaining Power of Quality Suppliers

We audit our suppliers multiple times a year and review ISO standards through close collaboration with the production shop management team and equipment suppliers to ensure our superb product quality.


With great purchasing power, Rocket has created cost-effectiveness from our sourcing manufacturers and freight companies. This helps reduce our production costs and gain larger profits and can lead to the provision of better net price for you. Our goal is to always focus on improving production so that our customers are always at the forefront of technology while maintaining the highest level of quality and cost competitiveness.

Quick PCB prototype making and any type of PCB can be customizable here:


With nearly 20 years of expertise in high-reliability PCB manufacturing, we are able to provide a diverse and extensive list of our capabilities that enable us to offer a range of options for the toughest mission-critical applications.

We focus on the manufacturing of high-level and high-precision PCB and offer quick prototype-making service, Rocket PCB is the leading multilayer and complex PCB manufacturer. With reliable quality and fast delivery, we have been widely recognized in the industry. 


High-tech fast turnaround prototyping


Variety and speedy manufacturing service


Pre-production and production volumes


Integrated EMS and turnkey manufacturing solutions


Rocket PCB provides comprehensive engineering PCB solutions and expertise to meet your needs and quality expectations, such as rapid feedback on the layout,

 build-up, panels, impedance, material selection, design rules, manufacturability, costs of different solutions, use of micro vias, gold plating, special laminates, etc. 


R & D conceptual evaluation.




Professional technical support for the design process, substrate or costs of solutions


EEO: engineering evaluation order for emerging technologies


Flexible NPI development


Comprehensive engineering support

PCB types Technology application Product Application
RF/Microwave PCB High frequency composite PCB technology    Antenna, antenna array, directional coupler, power divider, filter, LNA, LNB, automobile radar
Multiple laminated technology
Impedence control
Via on pad
Copper paste in via
High multi-layer  Multi-layer lamination    Communication infrastructure, communications, equipment and instruments, industrial computers, medical equipment, network facilities, IC test fixtures, test equipment
High aspect ratio PCB plating
High frequency hybrid PCB technology
Impedence control
Multiple laminated technology
HDI POFV     Mobile phones, smart watches, consumer electronics, wearing devices, etc.
Multiple laminated technology
Impedence control
Laser drill
High-density circuit
Cavity Depth control    Automotive Electronics, High Current Circuit, Power Amplifier, High Speed Optical Communication Transmission, Electric Hybrid Vehicle, Motor Control Module, High Speed Computer, Radio Frequency and Microwave Applications
Excessive gule control
Laser slotting
Multiple laminated technology
High frequency hybrid PCB technology
Coin Embedded components    DC power supply, automobile battery management, hybrid electric vehicle, motor control module, EV power train, high-speed industrial computer, radio frequency and microwave
Depth control
Excessive gule control
High frequency hybrid PCB technology
Multiple laminated technology
conductive copper paste Copper paste in via    Automotive Electronics, Automotive Battery Management, High Speed Industrial Computer, Radio Frequency and Microwave Applications
Via on pad
Abrasive band grinding
High frequency hybrid PCB technology
Backdrill Depth control drilling    High Frequency and High Speed Products, Server, Medical Electronics, Military Applications, Communications Equipment
High frequency hybird
High multi-layer
Multiple laminated technology
Rigid-flex PCB Single&Double sided flexible PCB    Consumer electronics,Contract manufacturing,High-speed digital development,Instrumentation,LEDs and lighting,Power electronics, RF and microwave equipment,and other industrial applications
Single FPC symmetrical structure
Multiple FPC book structure
Multiple FPC laminated structure
Flying tail structure
Upper and lower asymmetrical structure
Left and right asymmetric structure
Unilateral asymmetric structure


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