How to quote PCB board?

How to quote PCB board?


PCB price is a puzzle for many PCB buyers. Many PCB purchasers will also want to know how to calculate these prices when placing PCB orders online. PCB manufacturers will extract relevant manufacturing information according to the information description, and make a comprehensive judgment based on the manufacturing points in the Gerber file, such as line width, hole number, etc., so as to calculate reasonable price quotations to customers.

The factors influencing PCB price 

The factors influencing PCB price are as follows:

A: Material (thickness, copper thickness, TG, expansion and shrinkage properties, surface roughness, brand), PP consumption.

B: Basic information on layer number, copper thickness, hole number, quantity, etc

C: Process (plug hole, blind hole, hole copper)

D: Surface treatment method

E: Processing capacity (line width, line spacing, impedance, gold finger)

F: Resistance film color, thickness

G: Terms of business with suppliers

H: Supplier sales strategy

I. Some designs can communicate with R &D to reduce costs. For example, Is it possible to change 8-layer 2 + N + 2 HDI PCB into 8-layer 1-step board?

This is why the PCB service provider requests Gerber data. Only complete PCB making information and parameter description can we get an accurate quotation, otherwise, the quotation will not be accurate to the customer.

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PCB quotation composition

PCB quotation is generally composed of engineering cost + circuit board production cost + tool cost + test cost. PCB manufacturing fee is calculated in square meters, except for samples.

PCB Prototype quotation 

Because the PCB samples and small batches of area are too small to be calculated at the square meter price, the cost of double-sided board production for PCB prototype production such as 5-10pcs is usually $50 to $100. The cost of sample production for high-level, HDI, high frequency, and other processes should be explained in combination with the specific requirements and data of customers.

In addition, some factories believe that the sample quantity is too small, which occupies the production capacity, and is unwilling to manufacture prototype PCB. The location of the factory is often different. Some focus on a small batch of samples, some focus on higher-end applications, such as medical electronics, automotive electronics, communication electronics, and other fields. At this time, PCB service providers can play an advantage, they can help you to cooperate with the most appropriate manufacturers and accurately determine the production cycle and capability of each manufacturer, and complete the production more quickly. Follow up the PCB production schedule, so as to serve customers.

Order quantity/delivery date

1) The less quantity, the more expensive the price is, because even if one is to be manufactured, the board factory must also produce engineering data and produce the film. PCB production process has dozens of processes, and each process is essential.

2) Delivery date: the data to be delivered to PCB Factory shall be complete (Gerber information shall be clearly written, number of layers of board, material, thickness, surface treatment, ink color, character color and some special requirements).

The delivery time of ordinary PCB samples depends on the number of layers. One side usually takes one day, two sides usually take three or five days, and multi-layer takes several to ten days.

Through the above discussion, it is not difficult to see that the diversity of PCB processing price has its inherent inevitable factors.

People are always the best business card of the company, but equipment and factories are not everything. Therefore, it is particularly important for PCB buyers to check the sales of PCB manufacturers and even bosses. The manager who is responsible for it has a rich customer service concept that will lead to a good production team and provide high-quality PCB products. Especially in the highly developed PCB equipment, humanized management has become the competitive advantage of PCB manufacturers.

Secondly, we need to carefully check the production capacity, process capacity, customer distribution, peak season cycle, and other indicators of PCB Factory so that the purchasing staff can have a clear idea.

Conduct PCB inspection

It is not the responsibility of the purchaser to place orders and receive goods. The purchasing manager also needs to know more about PCB inspection so that the quality level can be distinguished during PCB Factory Audit and inspection

How to find the right supplier?

Determine the performance requirements of PCB electronic products

First, it is necessary to analyze the market positioning of the company's products. The most basic concept is to choose high-quality products for medium and high-end products and pursue the price of low-end products. However, it is very important for the purchasing staff to master the development cycle of electronic products. In the prototype design stage, the overall efficiency is the highest, the price is second, and the quality is in the middle.

Therefore, it is necessary for buyers to find PCB suppliers who can provide fast PCB prototypes, such as the fast PCB Factory in the market.

However, in the small-batch and batch production stage, PCB procurement should be grasped from the quality and delivery time. Buyers need to understand the design structure, precision requirements, line width, line spacing, layers, copper thickness, and other important indicators of PCB.

For PCB board of electronic products that need special technology, we should find a high-quality PCB manufacturer.

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