The scale of International Electronic Circuits (Shenzhen) Exhibition set a record

The scale of International Electronic Circuits (Shenzhen) Exhibition set a record


2019 international electronic circuit (Shenzhen) exhibition was held in hall 1, 2, 4, 9 and Part of  hall 3 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on December 4, and last until Friday, December 6

After 18 years of continuous development, the exhibition was formerly known as "international circuit board and electronic assembly South China Exhibition". The one-stop exhibition covers the whole supply chain of circuit board and electronic assembly industry with innovative equipment and technology, and is the leading business and communication platform in the PCB industry.

This year's exhibition is jointly sponsored by Hong Kong circuit board Association (HKPCA) and China Electronics Industry Association (CPCA), a new partner. The theme of the exhibition is condensation, innovation and navigation, which means to gather the global industry elites, stimulate innovative thinking, lead the industry development and improve the level of China's circuit board industry to a higher level.

2019 exhibition breaks the previous record and has the largest scale ever

According to Mr. Zhuo Liyan, chairman of the Hong Kong circuit board Association, the scale of the exhibition has been expanded again and again this year. The exhibition area was originally designated as hall 1, 2, 4 and 9 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, and the booth sold out quickly.

In order to meet the needs of more enterprises to participate in the exhibition, the organizer finally decided to open part of hall 3. The final exhibition area of the exhibition is 68900 square meters, gathering 621 exhibitors, totaling 3537 booths. The scale has reached a new record, providing more exhibition space to display many innovative products and technologies.

Rich concurrent activities help enhance knowledge and promote industry connections

The rich activities make this year's exhibition more interesting.

As in previous years, an international technical conference was held during the three days of the exhibition.

The conference specially invited many industry leaders and experts as speakers to discuss with the participants the latest market development and technological trends of the PCB industry.

Mr. Zhuo said that this year's International Technology Conference specially invited heavyweight industry experts from well-known enterprises such as ZTE, NTI and Prismark to share the latest market and technological development trends. Participants in international technical meetings can obtain valuable industry information and promote business development.

At the same time, the exhibition also holds other simultaneous activities, such as welcome dinners, golf matches, etc., to provide participants with more opportunities to establish industry contacts, exchange ideas and build contacts with their peers so as to open up new opportunities for cooperation.

A number of well-known enterprises visit

As the year-end finale of PCB, 2019 International Electronic Circuits (Shenzhen) Exhibition has created a convenient and efficient purchasing platform for the industry, thus promoting the rapid transformation and upgrading of the industry.

Attracted more than 600 enterprises to participate in the exhibition and tens of thousands of professional visitors to the site for deep interaction, but also many well-known enterprises visited, through the exhibition platform to see the trend, promote exchanges, find partners, find business opportunities, the scene is prosperous.

2020 exhibition, "5G era Intelligent future"

Mr. Zhuo said that 2019 is the first year of 5G, the development of 5G technology has changed the whole industry, and the surge of connecting equipment will require newer and more complex circuit board technology, so it promotes the continuous improvement of circuit board manufacturers' technical level in various fields, and puts forward higher requirements for circuit board manufacturers and PCB material manufacturers. With the further application of 5G and other new technologies, PCB industry will usher in new development opportunities and broader market space.

2020 will be a milestone year, and the next exhibition will take "5g era. Intelligent future" as the theme to help the industry prepare for the opportunities and challenges of 5g era.

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