R ocket PCB provides comprehensive PCB engineering solutions and expertise to meet your needs and quality expectations, we are able to give fast response to customer needs, think about what customers think and care about what customers care. We provide real-time and in-depth technical support to shift your PCB products from conceptual design to mass production. Every step will be strictly monitored, every problem will be solved as soon as possible, and unremitting products will be delivered to customers.

Searching for custom pcb board? Rocket is always at the forefront of circuit board, RF, rigid-flex and HDI technologies. Strong material inventory advantage, skilled DFM engineers will pair with your developers. In addition, we are committed to maximizing array assembly, optimizing panel utilization, impedance calculation, thermal management, stacked hole and propose cost optimization proposals. In terms of PCB prototyping, with reliable quality and rapid delivery, we have been widely recognized in the industry.


Our engineering services and techniques cover a wide range from 1 layer PCB to 64-layer PCB, from rigid PCB to flex PCB, from 1-step HDI to any-layer, from embedded materials to hybrid ones, from metal substrate to IC substrate, from backplanes to high speed frequency and RF, from standard materials to special materials, etc.