Brief introduction of PCB board

Brief introduction of PCB board


Broad sense: printed circuit boards are equipped with resistors, capacitors, IC and other electronic components, and the products are electrically connected by soldering. Generally we also call it as PCBA.


Narrow sense: refers to the circuit board which has no components installed, only graphics circuit.


The name of this kind of product originates from the conductive graphics circuit board formed by screen printing process.

In 1942, Dr. Eisler, a British doctor, initiated the application of etch-resistant ink patterns on the insulating substrates covered with copper foil by screen printing. This pattern is the conductive circuit to be formed, and then etched the copper foil which was not covered with ink patterns (it was a chemical method), and the remaining lines are obtained.

During World War II, this method was widely used in the military electronics field in the United States, and has been developing to various factions, such as laser engraving lines, photographic printing lines and so on.

Dr. Eisler is known as the father of printed circuits.

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PCB classification

By use:

Printed Circuit Board for Civil:  Television, Electronic Toys, Camera, etc. (Consumer electronics)

Industrial PCB: computers, communication equipment, instrumentation, etc.(Equipment)

Printed Circuit Board for Military

By Texture:

Rigid PCB

Used in automobiles, desktop computers, etc.


Flexible PCB

For mobile phones, laptops, etc.


Rigid-Flexible PCB

For digital cameras, hand-held instruments, etc.


By Substrate

Paper Substrate:  Phenolic Paper, Epoxy Paper, etc.    ---Cheaper Kinds

Glass Cloth Substrate: Epoxy Glass Cloth Substrate, PTFE Glass Cloth Substrate and so on     ---The most productive kind nowadays

Synthetic Fiber Substrate: Epoxy Synthetic Fiber Substrate, etc.

Metal Core Substrate: Aluminum Substrate, Copper Substrate    --- LED for Street Lamp Lighting, Battery Driving Vehicle, etc.

Ceramic Substrate:Telecommunication Base Station

Others, etc.

In terms of structure/process: (represented by rigid pcb classification)

Single side board

Toys and old color TV sets

Double sided board

Automobile and other applications nowadays

Multilayer and High-rise PCB

Computers, telecommunication base stations, etc.

High Density Interconnect Board (HDI Board)

Mobile phones, tablets, helmet-mounted stereo glasses, etc.

Other new processes...

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