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Printed Circuit Board Overview

Printed Circuit Board Overview


PCB has a wide range of applications, almost all electronic equipment has to use PCB as the carrier. Therefore, there are many kinds of PCBs, different standards have different classification method. Such as according to the number of layers can be divided into double-sided printed board, multi-layer printed board, according to the properties of base material can be divided into rigid printed boards, flexible printed boards, rigid-flex printed boards, can also be divided into high-frequency microwave printed boards, HDI printed boards, blind buried hole printed boards, embedded components printed boards, etc according to the scope of application or structural particularity.

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Development of Printed circuit board

Currently, there are more than 3,800 PCB manufacturing companies around the world. Among them, China's PCB enterprises, including Taiwan, about 1800, accounting for 47% of the world's, the output value accounting more than 90% of the Global. In addition, there are a large number of companies related to the PCB industry in China. Such as PCB materials Enterprises, PCB dedicated equipment enterprise and agents, PCB manufacturing enterprises are closely linked with these enterprises.

Many well-known world PCB enterprise's production bases have begun to develop in China. For example, the Austrian technology and Systems Technology Corporation (AT&S) established a Chinese company in Shanghai in 2001, established a more productive branch in Chongqing in2011. As a result of the rapid improvement of electronic products technology, the original supply chain structure has also changed because of the rise of the price war. China has considerable advantages in terms of industrial distribution, input costs and market integration.


It can be expected that the production investment and transfer of the world PCB Enterprises will take China as its destination for a long time. As a result, China is already one of the world's most important PCB production sites.

In the past more than 10 years, China's PCB manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, the types of printed circuit boards are also in constant development. Printed circuit boards have evolved from the original single-layer circuit board to multilayer printed circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, rigid and flexible circuit boards, and some special circuit boards with specific functions.

Due to the rapid development of electronic products to high frequency and high speed, the future development trend of the printed circuit board technology should be closer to high precision, high density, and high performance. And reducing the size of PCB and cost will also be a profitable strategy for PCB enterprises to occupy the market.

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