Impedance Simulation


Printed circuit boards with impedance requirements require high accuracy.


With the rapid increase of signal transmission speed and the wide application of high-frequency circuits, higher requirements are also proposed for printed circuit boards.

The circuit of the printed circuit board must be able to ensure that the signal in the transmission process has no reflection issues and that the signal remains intact and transport losses are greatly reduced so that complete, reliable, accurate, non-disruptive and noise transmission signals can be obtained. Also, the circuit plays the role of matching impedance.

Impedance matching is very important in realizing high-frequency design and is closely related to the quality of the signal. The purpose of impedance matching is mainly that all high-frequency microwave signals on the transmission line can reach the load point, and there will be no signal reflecting back to the source point.

PCB manufacturing



From the point of view of PCB manufacturing, the key factors affecting impedance mainly include :
Line width(w)
Line spacing(s)
Line thickness(t)
Dielectric thickness(h)
Dielectric Constant (Dk)


Other factors considered in the impedance design:

Whether the line width can meet the current requirements
Whether the laminated structure is reasonable
Mutual interference between signal layers
Size of the layout density
Selection of laminates and prepregs
Whether the thickness of interlayer dielectrics can meet the processing requirements
Whether the final board thickness can meet customer requirements


Controlled impedance PCBs are used in a variety of fast digital applications including:
• High-quality analog videos
• Signal processing applications
• Telecommunications
• RF Communications

Impedance control is essential for the design and manufacturing of any printed circuit board (PCB). You can always count on us when your PCB requires impedance control. Over the years, we have gained wide recognition for our high-quality printed circuit boards with controllable impedance.


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