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Copper Coin PCB Technology with Applied Thermal Management

Copper Coin PCB Technology with Applied Thermal Management



Plenty of electronic devices are used widely around us, which are present for use domestically and commercially. So, it is imperative to ensure their thermal management when it comes to looking after them.


Most appliances get damaged because their heat management is poor and they lack cooling systems. PCB is one of the main things that is present in almost all kinds of appliances, and where it carries out the control function, it can also prove to be a cooling system for the appliance. The copper coin PCB is one particular kind of PCB that is made with copper coin to ensure the cooling of the appliances.

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What is Copper Coin PCB?

As far as the standard PCB is concerned, that is made using traditional methods, this comprises a layer of copper foil that insulates the base, and over it, the track of the circuit is created. However, in the case of copper coin PCB, the main aim is to dissipate the heat as quickly as possible.


Various electronics nowadays are backed with a very high heat release, which needs to be looked after. So, when high heat dissipation is required, the copper point-embedded PCB is used. This innovation has changed the way everything functions in electronic appliances nowadays.


The rate of heat dissipation for the copper coin PCB is speedy. It is specialized in heavy-duty electronic appliances so that they get cooled down as soon as possible.

Technical Development of Copper Coin PCB


Materials that are high conductors of heat usually create heat transfer within the appliances. Hence, copper can be used over the PCB because of its ability to dissipate heat. A piece of copper is placed in a copper coin PCB over the PCB. This is usually placed at the points where components that release a lot of heat are present. This creates heat dissipation mechanisms directly and ends up cooling down the surroundings and the components.


This method of copper coin PCB is suitable when the components present on the PCB are smaller in number. This makes the entire heat be transferred in the heat sink directly from the component because of the copper coin present there.


Many configurations are present in the PCB, and the selection made by the designer is based on the routing, proximity, and components that need to be cooled down.

Advantages of using Copper Coin PCB

There are numerous advantages of choosing a copper coin PCB for different electrical appliances; some of these advantages are discussed below:


● The placement of the solid copper lies just under the component, which releases the heat; therefore, there is a direct association between the both, which leads to immediate heat dissipation.

● It adds a lot of flexibility to the overall structure of the PCB, and multiple layers can easily be added, leading to an increase in the efficiency of the circuit.

● Since copper's linear expansion coefficient is lower than aluminum's, the soldering reliability is also very efficient.

● Since the transfer of heat doesn't stay for a more extended period, the durability of the appliance itself increases.

● The inner components on the PCB are also subjected to a long-lasting life because the cooling mechanism is efficient enough to let them cool down immediately without causing any damage.

Types of Copper Coin PCBs

Two types of copper coin PCBs are present in the times of today, and these are discussed below:

Embedded Copper Coin PCBs


The kind of PCB that is mainly used for high-power components is none other than embedded copper coin PCB. This is used in several appliances where heat dissipation is a prime concern.


There are two types of embedded copper coin PCB: stacked, embedded copper coin PCB and unstacked, embedded copper coin PCB. The connection between the embedded PCB and the inner layer of copper is direct. Hence, the heat is immediately transferred to the copper piece as soon as the PCB has been used.


Buried Copper Coin PCBs

Buried copper coin PCB is also a PCB that is not as reliable and productive as embedded ones but offers a broader aspect of the application and is also very affordable. In this kind of PCB, the copper solid is pressed into the layer and laminated.


Since it is pressed in the layer, heat dissipation is slow. However, this is a commonly chosen PCB in various appliances.


Concurrent Design of Copper Coin PCBs

The main aim of choosing the copper coin PCB is to carry out the cooling process by dissipating heat. However, the design of the copper coin in PCBs might vary differently. Some of the ideas that may be considered for the design of the copper coin in PCBs are provided below:


● The copper coin, which is in the form of a solid, can flow in the direction from the first layer to the fourth layer. It will create a channel that will transfer the heat from the component that is getting hot.


In case the size of the component or the pad is smaller, the route can be created under the component. The coin fits itself to the required layer upon being pressed. This way, it won't have any connection with the first layer and will be between the fourth and second layers.


● The second kind of design idea that can be followed is creating a design in the T shape of the copper solid. This kind of design is excellent to consider in the components with different sizes and areas.


This way, the copper coin dimension is kept at a minimum level and has a connection with the components; hence performance in terms of heat dissipation is quite excellent. This solid copper shape is also very flexible because it takes less space on the board.


How does the Copper Coin PCB cooling solution work?

The copper itself can dissipate heat, so when it is placed under the components, it creates a space between the copper layer of the board and the components. The space created allows the air to pass, and at the same time, copper solid also acts as a cooling agent with its ability to dissipate heat and keep the components cooled down.



Rocket PCB has a solution for all your PCB issues; no matter if you need any PCB, you can always get in touch with us. We also deal in the copper coin PCB, with the finest performance based on the design and functionality of your electronic device. So, get in touch with us today, and let us cater to you in the best possible way.



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