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Over the years, Rocket PCB has partnered with over 5000 customers in a wide variety of market segments. We focus on manufacturing highly reliable electronics for medical devices,

test & measurement equipment, military & aerospace electronics, portable & consumer electronics, industrial applications and the automotive & transportation industry.


Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics

In the consumer electronics market, it is important to bring products to market on time with low budgets and high reliability.
Rocket PCB provides high -quality PCB for consumer electronics manufacturers.
PCB for household appliances
PCB for gaming systems
PCB for radio receivers
PCB for TVs
PCB for mp3,mp4 players
PCB for VCRs
PCB for DVD players
PCB for digital cameras and portable cameras

Automotive electronics

Automotive electronics

Navigation systems, full distance systems, Car DVR recorders, car audios, vehicle trackers, entertainment systems, OBD, information access and so on. We are proud to be able to build high-performance circuit boards for major automakers.

Industrial & Instrumentation

Industrial & Instrumentation

Manufacturing of data acquisition modules, sensors and interface cards is part of our daily production work, so we can provide customers engaged in the industrial and instrumentation with the best solution.

We can offer IPC-6012, ITAR, RF related design and provide the best solution for their controlled impedance.

Printed circuit boards with advanced technology have numerous varieties and we specialize in a variety of vias for PCB fabrication and assembly such as micro-vias, stacked vias, via in pads, etc. with large throughput.


Industrial production automation

Indoor and outdoor cabinets for industrial control

High-power transformers that have been tested

Environmental friendly assembly for the transportation industry

Electric vehicle charging station

Advanced medical backplane assembly for CT application

PCB for industrial control

PCB for distribution and management

PCB for chargers

PCB for testing and measurement

PCB for safety systems

PCB for energy management


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We manufacture backplane printed circuit boards that are of large size or oversized size or with great thickness, and we understand the importance of signal integrity and of meeting impedance control requirements. We offer world-class materials and manufacturing techniques in the RF and microwave industry, including hybrid material construction, blind vias and through-hole vias structure and cavity design, which are our key advantage.

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PCB for oil and gas pump control systems

PCB for automated systems

PCB for smart grid environment control

PCB for thermostats

PCB for recycling systems

PCB for solar conversion systems

PCB for monitoring systems

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IOT/Smart Home

The system includes centrally controlled lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), electrical, door safety locks and other systems to provide better convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and safety.

PCB for smart home hubs

PCB for smart home devices: home automated appliances

Intelligent automotive equipment

PCB for safety systems

PCB for industrial IoT devices

PCB for M2M platforms

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Security Industry

Safety equipment covers a wide range of equipment, including security alerts and systems, door locks, closed-circuit television, asset tracking, access control and building automation in the aspect of temperature, humidity and lighting control.

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Medical electronics

For an industry that focuses on strict process control and product traceability, Rocket PCB’s professional production facilities are in strict compliance with the overall quality system to meet the requirements of the whole healthcare industry. Our variety of products, small-batch manufacturing and customized end-to-end solutions combined with our competitive domestic production costs and value-added assembly services have been widely recognized and praised by our healthcare customers.


Our professional products include:

Advanced metal and assemblies for the ultrasound, MR and HLA systems

Advanced medical backplane assembly for CT applications

Medical printed circuit boards, including complex designs for portable equipment, patient monitoring systems, robotic surgical systems, CT and MR systems.

PCB for diagnostic devices

PCB for blood separation and treatment equipment.

PCB for medical imaging equipment

PCB for X-ray systems

PCB for visual and auditory systems

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Our customers from the computer industry need manufacturers that can provide them with high-tech and high-reliability products throughout their product lifecycle.


Our advanced production facilities with fast turnaround time as well as our global Technical Support Center provide them with the best solution. Our main printed circuit board technologies include:

Back drill

High speed and low-loss materials

Ultra great thickness line card


Lead-free manufacturing

Filling holes

More than 50 layers

Kelvin probe testing for improved reliability

Fast prototype provision and seamless transition to mass production

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Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) is able to strike a balance between capacity and affordability so it is an ideal choice for students and educational programs. Moreover, it takes pride in providing great educational sponsorship for students and educators. Please contact us.


Our Quickest Production In Our Partner Side And Logistic Gives Us Strong Confidence To Fully Meet Customer Expectation.

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