Rocket PCB. Our engineering team supports CAM verification and modifications on the Gerber data before releasing them for the fabrication. Gerber data is thoroughly verified to make it error free so that time and cost expenses can be reduced for the rework and better PCB quality and functionality can be achieved.


Verification of input files for ensuring the compatibility of CAM; comparison of files with fabrication drawing and notes for ensuring the accuracy of the required data.
Editing and optimization
Verification of opens and shorts
Matching of the drill drawing and the NC drill data for ensuring accuracy
Signal layer analysis for the annular ring, space and trace widths
Solder mask analysis for the annular ring, space and trace widths
Solder mask analysis and DFM for the annular ring, Fiducial openings and exposed traces
Silkscreen removal from the Solderable pads and open mask areas
Addition of Vent and Thieves for the multilayer board fabrication
Step and repeat with breakaway tabs
Multiple board panelization support according to the requirements and the fabrication specifications

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