RF&Microwave PCB

Modern PCBs combine a variety of digital with mixed-signal technologies, so their layouts and designs become more challenging especially when RF and microwave blends are used for subcomponents.
For RF and microwave printed circuit boards, we can use high-frequency laminates with tight turnarounds and high-quality control to properly design and develop your RF PCB to ensure proper operation.
To meet the needs of customers around the world, Rocket has become a leading manufacturer of RF microwave PCBs, focusing on the manufacturing of high-frequency PCB laminates.
Because we have professional teams, tools and experience to handle laminates, these laminates have great mechanical, thermal, electrical performance compared to typical FR-4 materials.
With our cooperation with top RF microwave PCB suppliers, we are able to manufacture and deliver your products on time. Rocket supplies miscellaneous circuit boards, check now.

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