Professional PCB Manufacturer
Professional PCB Manufacturer
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Rich Production Experience Since 2002
Rich Production Experience Since 2002
Advanced PCB capabilities
Support A Full Range Of PCB Prototypes
Support A Full Range Of PCB Prototypes
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OEM / ODM Electronics Manufacturing Expert
OEM / ODM Electronics Manufacturing Expert
Turnkey PCB Assembly
Turnkey PCB Assembly
PCB fabrication/PCB Assembly/Box Build/IC Programming/Components Sourcing

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Are you struggling to seek a reputable high-end PCB maker in China? Constantly changing suppliers due to limited capacity, quality issues, and subpar service is frustrating. When you need complex PCBs like high multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, high frequency & high-speed PCB, rigid-flex & flex PCB, thick copper, hybrid material, thermal management, metalcore, backplane, embedded components, IC substrate, ceramic base, wire bonding, special size and unique requirements, factory minimums become a barrier. However, Rocket PCB breaks these barriers. With no MOQ you can get high-quality PCBs. Our expertise handles your toughest PCB fabrication projects. More importantly, we can be involved in the project from the beginning of the schematic design, hardware scheme design, and high-frequency and high-speed design, to SI/PI simulation, manufacturing, and testing services, a truly one-stop integrated electronic service platform.




Guided by the needs of R&D customers, we provide customers with high-speed PCB design and value-added services, as well as optimal solutions for product performance, cost, and manufacturing cycle.


1. Schematic services: R&D and design of ARM, FPGA and other platforms.

2. High-speed PCB, 40G/100G system design, D/A mixed, SI/PI/EMC simulation.

3. Teams: communication, industrial control, server, automotive, security, etc. 




Any type of PCB can be customized here. Low-cost fast turn Including multilayer PCB, build-up HDI, HF material,  rigid-flex PCB, FPC, heavy copper, metal-core, gold finger, etc.


1. Layers: 1-64 Layers

2. Quantity: 1pcs-1000pcs

3. Quality: IPC 2 &3

4. Build time: 2-15 days

5. Material: FR4, Flex, Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, etc.





Complex PCB fabrication solutions in any layer HDI, high-frequency hybrid PCB, embedded components, multi-structure rigid-flex, thermal management, fine line/space, back drilling, PTH&NPTH cavity, embedded copper coin, long-short &staged gold finger. 


1. Layers: 1-64 Layers

2. Quantity: 1pcs-1million

3. Quality: IPC 2 & IPC-3

4. Build time: 2-20 days




Rocket PCB is capable of providing turnkey PCB assembly services. Free DFM checking, function testing, 

and components sourcing. Realized one-stop PCB production. PCB Assembly includes SMT, THT, Mixed Assembly, POP.  


  1. 1. Turnkey or consigned
  2. 2. Quantity: 1-10,000+pcs.
  3. 3. Quality Grade: IPC3
  4. 4. Lead time: as short as 2 days
  5. 5. Other: AOI. X-ray SPI, ICT

PCB Solutions

With our strong supply system and customer-focused service awareness, your PCB ordering become efficient and simple. PCB quick prototyping, standard PCB manufacturing and complex PCB solution are nothing difficult for us. Our vision is to provide satisfactory service and ensure that your PCB procurement costs are reduced. Rocket PCB provides comprehensive PCB engineering solutions and expertise to meet your needs and quality expectations, Our engineering service and techniques cover a wide range from 1 layer PCB to 64-layer PCB, from rigid PCB to flex PCB, from 1-step HDI to any-layer, from embedded materials to hybrid ones, from metal substrate to IC substrate, from backplanes to high speed frequency and RF, from standard materials to special materials, etc.

HDI PCB Solution
High Frequency PCB Solution
Rigid-flex PCB Solution
Thermal Management Solution
High Speed Backplane
Embedded Components
HDI PCB Fabrication Solution
HDI PCB Fabrication Solution
Rocket PCB has completed the accumulation of advanced PCB technology. At present, high-end PCB products are mainly HDI. HDI products are classified into first, second, third and fourth-order products, and the company's fourth-order product technology has been very mature, is the mainstream product in consumer electronics and other fields. Our company's long-term accumulation of advanced research and development technology and manufacturing technology, such as electroplating blind hole filling, laser direct drilling copper and build-up technology, makes itself occupy the technical advantage in the fierce market competition.
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High Frequency PCB Fabrication Solution
High Frequency PCB Fabrication Solution
High-frequency PCB needs special materials to realize the high-frequency signal provided by this type of printed circuit board. Many PCB designers choose Rogers dielectric material because of its lower dielectric and signal loss, lower circuit manufacturing cost and more suitable for rapid turnover prototype application. In addition to selecting the right PCB material and determining the correct Er value, the designer should also consider the conductor width and spacing, substrate constant, and other parameters. The highest level of process control must be used to specify and implement these parameters precisely. Rocket PCB is an experienced full-service PCB manufacturer, which can provide reliable and excellent high-frequency PCB fabrication services. Evaluate your requirements according to your design, rich variety of high-frequency materials, mature high-frequency PCB manufacturing experience.
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Rigid-flex PCB Fabrication Solution
Rigid-flex PCB Fabrication Solution
Rigid-flex PCB differs from rigid boards or flexible boards in material, equipment, and process. In terms of material, the material of the rigid board is FR4 of PCB, and the material of the flexible board is PI or PET. There are some problems between the two materials, such as joint, different shrinkage rate of hot pressing, etc. It is difficult for the stability of the product. Moreover, due to the characteristics of three-dimensional space configuration, besides the consideration of XY axis direction stress, Z-axis direction stress-bearing is also an important consideration. The structure is the most important factor in the design of rigid-flex. It is necessary to make the process simple and reliable and achieve the goal of low cost and applicability.
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Thermal Management PCB Fabrication Solution
Thermal Management PCB Fabrication Solution
To ensure reliability and efficiency of operation, heat must be removed from the power components that generate heat. Thermal management helps to elicit heat from the components of the heating system in a variety of application industries. Thermal management PCB provides a path for heat from the heat source to the outside or the inside medium. Heat sink PCBs can usually dissipate heat in three ways: conduction (Heat transfers from one solid to another), convection (Heat transfers from the solid to the moving fluid. For most power or LED applications, it would be transferred to air), radiation (Heat transfers from two objects with different surface temperature through thermal radiation). Rocket PCB offers a wide range of thermal management types including vias of farm heatsinks/pallets, heatsink coins, embedded coins, e-coins, Press Fit Coin (PFC), metal in-lay, solder or adhesive attach.  Additionally, Rocket's thermal management solutions include our patented embedded E-Coin technology, heatsink coin attac
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Backplane PCB Fabrication Solution
Backplane PCB Fabrication Solution
The manufacturing technology of backplane PCB with ultra-high-density and higher layers will be a direction of the future printed circuit board industry. The typical backplane thickness is 2mm-4mm, which can be as thick as 4mm-6mm. Its layer is already in the 16~28, this number is much higher than the ordinary PCB. In order to achieve such high performance requirements, PCB manufacturing must face the challenges of strict plate thickness, board size, number of layers, alignment control, back drilling depth and stub line. The core indicators of high-speed backplane PCB are signal integrity, namely impedance control, reflection and crosstalk. Therefore, the material of high-speed backplane PCB requires low loss factor enough to reduce signal transmission loss; Rocket PCB as China's leading PCB supplier, can process high speed and mixed backplane PCB custom service, can do 10G, 25G, 56G, automotive radar hybrid PCB board, sequential lamination, large format, N+N dual press-fit, dual-drill backplane.
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Embedded Components PCB Solution
Embedded Components PCB Solution
Embedded Components include embedded resistance and embedded capacitance. Passive components occupy a large part of surface real estate. Embedding these to internal layers reduces both PCB size and cost. Rocket PCB can provide high-density printed circuit board products with embedded passive components (thin core thickness less than 100 micron, embedded capacitance, resistance, inductance characteristics or integration of various embedded features). Embedded passive components must have a specified value, and the value must have a tolerance that allows PCB design to meet electrical timing and circuit signal quality. Embedded resistors or capacitors are included in PCB design, which can optimize the placement of passive components in the circuit. Rocket PCB usually uses embedded resistor materials, including cheaply, Shipley (insite), ticer (TCR). And embedded capacitor materials, including 3M (c-ply), oak-Mitsui (bc12tm), DuPont company (HK Series), senmina (BC-2000), ticer (TCC).
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PCB Design

Guided by customer needs, we provide customers with high-speed PCB design and value-added services, as well as the optimal solutions for product performance, cost and manufacturing cycle. The PCB design team has set up corresponding project teams based on customer groups and product types, such as server, communication equipment, consumer & security monitoring, military products, and automotive electronics project team. Read More.

  • High speed PCB Design
    High speed PCB Design
  • Signal Integrity Simulation
    Signal Integrity Simulation
  • Power-tree
  • VDD_ARM_IN DCIR PI Simulation
    VDD_ARM_IN DCIR PI Simulation
  • EMC testing and rectification
    EMC testing and rectification
  • Protective filtering design
    Protective filtering design



Multilayer PCB
Backplane PCB
High Frequency PCB & RF Microwave PCB
Hybrid PCB
Aluminum PCB
Embedded PCB
Cavity PCB
Flex PCB
Rigid-flex PCB
High density HDI PCB laser hole microvia PCB manufacturer PCB supplier
HDI PCB fabrication is the core manufacturing service of Rocket PCB, with various functions, qualifications, certification, and expertise to meet the most demanding requirements of HDI PCB fabrication. We support up to 40 laminates, laser drilling, micro via holes, stacked micro via holes, blind holes, buried through holes, via- in-pads, laser direct imaging, sequential lamination, any layer HDI. 00275 "trace/space, fine spacing as low as 3mil, controlled impedance, etc.
Custom Rigid-flex Printed Circuit Boards FPC PCB Manufacturer
✓   24-hour real-time technical support ✓   Quick turn around with 24 hours and instant quote  ✓   Effective and flexible PCB engineering solutions save your cost ✓   State-of-the-art PCB including rigid, FPC, rigid-flex, metal base, RF/microwave, hybrid, HDI, embedded, LED, backplane, a ceramic substrate, IC substrate ✓   Strong partnerships with different reputed material suppliers such as  Rogers, Arlon, Nelco, and Taconic can realize a fast service to a wide range of PCB applications ✓   Superb quality is guaranteed under the ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, OHSAS18001, ISO/IEC27001 system, insist on adopting 5S methods, Lean Six Sigma quality systems ✓  Complete service from free DFM, traceable manufacturing to complete after-sales service ✓  On-time delivery more than 99%
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