Quick PCB prototype making and any type of PCB can be customizable here


With nearly 20 years of expertise in high-reliability PCB manufacturing, we are able to provide a diverse and extensive list of our capabilities that enable us to offer a range of options for the toughest mission-critical applications.

We focus on the manufacturing of high-level and high-precision PCB and offer quick prototype-making service, Rocket PCB is the leading multilayer and complex PCB manufacturer. With reliable quality and fast delivery, we have been widely recognized in the industry.


Our PCB prototyping uses the same top-notch equipment, materials and processes as the standard production of printed circuit boards, can fully meet your multi-variety, small batch, quick turn prototyping needs, you can use this cost-effective solution and still receive the high quality you expect.


In general, before a full PCB production operate, PCB prototyping is very important for performing a variety of tests. For the prototype PCB, it is important to manufacture them using high quality standards. Usually, our standard and custom boards are manufactured strictly according to IPC Class 2 specifications.


2-layer PCB prototyping as soon as 3 Day Turn

4 -10 layer PCB prototyping as soon as 5 Day Turn

High layer and special PCB prototyping according to actual process


High-tech fast turnaround prototyping


Variety and speedy manufacturing service


Pre-production and production volumes


Integrated EMS and turnkey manufacturing solutions

Multi variety, Small batch, Fast delivery

Catering to your requirements, handling your needs with care

In the PCB prototyping stage, we are committed to solve problems and puzzles with the fastest speed, support a variety of file formats (gerber file, .pcb, .pcbdoc .cam or .brd file format), and provide comprehensive and diversified PCB prototyping and manufacturing work, not only single and double-sided common PCB prototype service, but also special board, high-frequency multi-layer board, HDI, rigid-flex board, metal core, high-frequency high-speed board, hybrid material, backplane, etc.


Our customers are in more than 80 countries, with a diverse range of products and thousands of PCB types of shipments every month.


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