As an important trial production stage before mass PCB production, the prototype PCB fabrication has an important guiding significance for testing the function of new products. Prototype PCB fabrication can identify product design defects in the early stage, verify product function, and avoid batch scrap. PCB prototyping production in this stage needs rapid turnover, so as to shorten the development cycle of product iteration. This paper introduces the advantages of prototype PCB production and the high difficulty and complex PCB prototype production advantages of Rocket PCB.

What is PCB Prototype?

Preface: In order to correct errors and defects and make the product have perfect functions, we must test the product in advance. The same for PCB. Before the printed circuit board is put into use, it must be ensured that it meets the standard and quality. In fact, despite the best efforts of designers and engineers, small, invisible errors can threaten the function and goal of the final PCB. If you don't solve these problems, they become expensive and useless.

Before moving into more complex designs, they usually order multiple PCB prototypes runs to test the redesign or test a single function. This enables them to identify elements that need to be corrected early in the process. The earlier these problems are discovered, the lower the cost.

PCB Prototype: also known as a printed circuit board or prototype circuit board, PCB prototype board is widely used, almost all electronic products need PCB prototype and PCB prototype assembly, which leads to the growth of PCB prototype company.  

The PCB prototype is developed as a sample of a real PCB to test the design and ideas for an early understanding of the product. PCB modification design needs certain functions. All functions of PCB design are tested by PCB prototype. We use different types and designs of PCB prototypes to test different functions of PCB. Developers can use multi-functional PCB at all stages of the program. This depends on the size of the PCB hole and the thickness of the board.

Why use the PCB prototype?

So why use PCB prototypes instead of standard production runs? This may seem like an extra step, but in the long run, it can save you time and money and produce a better end product.

1. You may go through many design iterations when developing a new PCB-based design. You need to be able to test new designs quickly so that production can be completed in time, as a lengthy design process can lead to loss of revenue. The rapid speed of our prototyping services, combined with testing designs before production runs, can minimize wasted project expenditures and maximize your investment.

Standard production operations will also increase rapidly in terms of costs. The earlier you discover design defects or inefficiencies in a PCB design, the lower the cost of solving the problem. If you don’t use prototype boards to test your design, you may have problems later in the production run - that is, after you’ve invested a lot of money into producing standard PCBs. Our PCB prototyping services are also suitable for small volume production.

2.  Engineers also often use prototype PCBs to test a single function of more complex products containing multiple PCBs. Before adding the next level of functionality, they will order prototypes that perform the most basic functions. If you don’t test the features separately, you may encounter performance problems in subsequent processes, and not sure which board caused the problem. Through the prototype design of each function step by step, a lot of time and resources can be saved.

Although prototype PCBs do not allow manufacturing tolerances to be as high as those for standard production runs, they still accurately describe how the final PCB-based solution works. Once you have fully validated your design through the prototype board, you can continue with the standard production run, which has tighter manufacturing tolerances, can handle more functions, and can contain a larger order volume.

As part of our standard production products, we provide DFM to help identify any problems that may affect manufacturing. If we find any potential problems, we will contact you to develop the necessary solutions.

If you are developing new products or redesigning them, you may benefit from our prototype PCB production services. Before you invest a lot of time and money into a project, it will help you discover any potential problems or changes you may want to make to your design. This will raise the bottom line of your project, resulting in a higher quality end product and contributing to its overall success.


What are the advantages of the PCB prototype?

So choosing to order PCB prototypes instead of going directly to standard production runs provides many advantages. In almost any case involving new or updated design, PCB prototype design can prove to be beneficial. The advantages of using our PCB prototyping services include:

Fast turn around time

We can produce PCB prototypes faster than standard production PCB. We can complete the prototype order in just two days. Our standard production board takes 3 to 18 days to build, while our prototype takes only 2 to 5 days to build.

Early detection of defects

Prototyping enables you to catch design defects early in the product development process before you invest too much time and money into problem design. Engineering changes early in the process will avoid a number of potential problems.

Ability to test components individually

It is useful to test different components individually for complex project components involving multiple PCB-based projects. By validating each component individually, you can identify any problems that may occur. Without this, it’s hard to determine where the problem lies.

Accurate representation of standard PCB performance

High-quality PCB prototypes can accurately represent final production mode components. Although the tolerances are low, they still give you an idea of what you expect when you start a standard production run.

Efficient project completion

Use PCB prototypes to identify and correct design defects early, and quickly identify components that need to be adjusted. Failure to do so may significantly extend the time frame of the project, which may result in loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction.

Reduce overall costs

By helping you find problems faster, it enables you to fix them before you invest in large volume standard production runs. By identifying problems in simpler product versions, you can redesign simpler components without having to build the entire project, which is more expensive.

Improved end products

PCB prototype design helps focus on improving each PCB and component to achieve a higher quality design. It can also help you avoid any undetected faults that may occur in the final product and cause more serious problems.

The benefits provided by PCB prototypes are used in most new or revised PCB designs. Once you have verified the functionality that prototypes must provide for the project, you can continue with the standard PCB production run.

PCB Prototype Application

Printed circuit boards that connect components through a variety of related circuits are the core of many different electronic devices we use every day. They have many different variants that enable them to function in a variety of situations. PCB is an integral part of electronic products used in almost all industries. You can find them in consumer electronics, medical equipment, auto parts, industrial equipment, lighting technology, aerospace equipment, etc.

As people continue to innovate and create more new electronic equipment, PCB becomes more common. It is in the development of these new products that the prototype PCB is the most useful.


When to use PCB prototype?

When one of the following situations is involved, prototype design and manufacturing should be considered:

New products - any time your project involves developing a new product, you may not be able to detect any existing problems without prototype design, which can lead to more serious problems or more difficult to fix, enabling you to quickly and economically identify any factors that need to be adjusted.

Quality and design testing - if you want to do quality testing or design review, you should order a PCB prototype. A shorter build time will allow you to start reviewing or testing faster and will lower your overall costs. The PCB prototype will give you an accurate understanding of the performance of the final product.

Complex components - if your project contains multiple PCB-based components, use a PCB prototype. More components may mean more functionality, but more potential failures. Prototyping is particularly useful for these more complex projects because it helps quickly identify which component is not performing correctly. By ordering one PCB at a time, you can spend less time testing and correcting problems and save money.


Ordering PCB prototypes

At rocket PCB, we provide a one-stop service for all your PCB prototype design and standard production requirements. We can complete every part of the prototyping process - including component procurement, manufacturing, assembly, and quality control. This way you don’t have to work with multiple PCB vendors to make the process more efficient and economical.

Quick turn PCB prototypes-Shorten your time

Time is crucial in today’s fast-growing industrial life, so it is necessary to follow this factor to save valuable resources. In PCB manufacturing, PCB with a fast turnaround is needed. In the process of quickly starting PCB, ensure that customers get the product within the specified time. A time frame is needed for this. Rapid production of PCB is undoubtedly very important to customers.

  • No delay, the product will be delivered on a fixed date

  • Save time

  • Reduce production cycle

PCB manufacturing is a long process. It will take a few days to develop it. The quick turn PCB reduces the waiting time of PCB shoppers.

The key point of a rapid manufacturing PCB prototype is to carry out rapid PCB assembly before the final PCB product is complete. In a short time, PCB manufacturing becomes simple and fast. The quick start prototype PCB provides some core solutions for PCB shoppers.  

Rocket PCB is a professional PCB prototype manufacturer.  We spend a lot of time and energy updating our production process and technology and strive to provide the best quality PCB prototype service. We mainly produce single board and double board rapid prototyping, multilayer board, aluminum PCB, metal PCB, HDI board, and high-frequency PCB. Most importantly, we provide PCB assembly and component procurement to provide customers with one-to-one best PCB prototype service. 

Advantages from Rocket PCB-Quick prototype and any type of PCB can be customizable here

Rocket PCB's factory is located in Shenzhen, China, there are multiple PCB production bases, which are positioned for prototype manufacturing, small and medium batch manufacturing, HDI PCB, and other types of large-scale manufacturing. With nearly 20 years of expertise in high-reliability PCB manufacturing, we are able to provide a diverse and extensive list of our capabilities that enable us to offer a range of options for the toughest mission-critical applications.    We focus on the manufacturing of high-level and high-precision PCB and offer quick prototype-making service, Rocket PCB is the leading multilayer and complex PCB manufacturer. With reliable quality and fast delivery, we have been widely recognized in the industry.

Our PCB prototyping uses the same top-notch equipment, materials, and processes as the standard production of printed circuit boards, can fully meet your multi-variety, small-batch, quick turn prototyping needs, you can use this cost-effective solution and still receive the high quality you expect.

In general, before a full PCB production operation, PCB prototyping is very important for performing a variety of tests. For the prototype PCB, it is important to manufacture them using high-quality standards. 

The standard specifications we implement are derived from the IPC-2 standard, but higher than the IPC standard. Our PCB products cover a wide range from double-sided to HDI and flexible boards. Our PCB prototype production range is very wide, but they all have one thing in common, that is, all PCB prototype manufacturing is carried out under the supervision of our quality system, from design to sampling preparation to mass production, all meet our process and product specifications. If you need a high-quality PCB prototype, Rocket PCB will be your best choice and we will always be happy to provide any help. 

  1. 2-layer PCB prototyping as soon as 3 Day Turn

  2. 4 -10 layer PCB prototyping as soon as 5 Day Turn

  3. High layer and special PCB prototyping according to the actual process


High-tech fast turnaround prototyping


Pre-production and production volumes


Integrated EMS and turnkey manufacturing solutions


Low Cost and no MOQ


Fully meet the requirements of the quality management system.


Real-time quotations and can prototype your PCB in just a few days


A wide range including rigid, rigid-flex, HDI, any layer, flex, large size, embedded, high-frequency PCB, metalcore, backplane, ceramic subset, IC structure, thick copper, etc.

Before manufacturing circuit boards, our engineering team will carry out the most elaborate DFM to ensure that the production data are completely correct and minimize the probability of manufacturing problems. In the process and after completion, we will carry out strict tests and inspections on them, including AOI, ET, X-ray, CCD, OQC, etc. under the ISO9001 management system.
Our PCB prototype production can ensure the best combination of quality and cost-effectiveness. Our price is not the lowest, but you can use our quality for life. We can't put ourselves together with low-end factories. Not the lowest, but the best. The operation of advanced PCB automation equipment reduces the labor cost and defective products and reduces the cost from the source of material delivery.
Advanced equipment and process management for prototypes allow us to quickly turnover. Rapid order planning and customer-first concept throughout every employee's mind. Samples are as fast as 24H, and we have long-term good cooperation with international express.

Catering to your requirements, handling your needs with care


If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to customer service team.

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