Hybrid PCB

A hybrid printed circuit board is a type of multilayer board that is laminated with different materials and is designed to optimize electrical performance and improve system reliability, focusing on high-frequency RF applications. The biggest challenge in manufacturing hybrid PCB is to manage different thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) characteristics of different materials during PCB manufacturing and component assembly.    
Typically, these designs include a combination of FR-4 materials and PTFE laminates, FR4+Rogers and so on, this can reduce the footprint and cost of the equipment.    
All world-Class CCL manufacturers, such as Isola, Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Panasonic, have released important technical information about the performance and performance of their laminates. With our investment, our experience enables us to provide our customers with the most comprehensive circuit board production service. Welcome to click in each of them on the below, and get the details now.

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