Hybrid PCB

A hybrid printed circuit board (PCB) multilayer is a PCB made up of dissimilar materials. It has the intention to optimize electrical performance, improve system reliability, and focus on high-frequency RF applications. This hybrid PCB multilayer uses materials that have significantly different critical properties than traditional multilayer PCBs. You could use a mixture of FR-4 and high frequency PTFE materials or a combination of high-frequency materials with different Di-electric constants in one multilayerboard.


The primary purpose of inventing hybrid circuits is to help develop our electronic devices. This is because the circuit is a tiny electronic circuit. It also uses more than one basic pattern. It consists mainly of individual components and some passive materials. In the last few years, innovative and more developed hybrid circuits have emerged. This can be seen in quantum computers and modern devices. Undoubtedly, hybrid circuits occupy a pivotal position in the electronics industry.


Rocket PCB deeply engaged in radio frequency field for many years, has very good experience in high frequency material characteristics, processing performance, process control, copper plating, lamination scheme, RF line tolerance, impedance parameter control, etc. Rocket PCB is your first choice for your RF PCB manufacturing.


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