As a leading PCB manufacturer, members of our printed circuit board (PCB) design service team are practical partners working with you on every project and can help you achieve your goals at any time. They can complement your engineering expertise, which helps speed up time to market, reduce the time from concept to production, and ensure that quality is integrated into the manufacturing process to maximize your profits.

PCB Design Capabilities

Maximum design layers of PCB: 64 layers
Maximum number of PINs: 110000+
Maximum connections: 78000+
Minimum line width: 2 mil
Minimum line spacing: 2 mil
Minimum through hole: 6mil (4mil laser hole)
Maximum BGA quantity: 120+
Minimum BGA PIN spacing: 0.3mm
Maximum number of BGA PINs: 8371
Maximum speed signal: 112G-PAM4

PCB Library & Footprints

1. PCB libraries accumulated over 10 years
2. Database data query system, 95% BOM automatic matching
3. All verified through mass production
4. EDA tools
5. Database construction checklist
6. IPC7351 specification

Software Interoperability

1. Netlist import and export

2. Interconversion of PCB libraries for different EDA software

3. Customized project library building service

4. Creating custom schematic symbols

5. Customize and maintain customer-exclusive libraries

Signal Integrity Analysis

1. PCI, local bus multi-load topology scheme
2. Memory design (DDR1/2/3/4)

3. RapidIO 10G BASE-KR, SFI, XFI, CEI-6G, CEI-28G...)
4. High speed backplane design (CPCI, ATCA, VPX,...)

Project Teams

1. Server and Industrial Control

2. Communication equipment

3. Consumer 

4. Security

5. Monitoring

6. Military products

7. Automotive electronics 


Over the years, we have worked with domestic and international companies to design and improve their products. The diversity of our customer industries includes but is not limited to industrial control, server board, X86 architecture, Acta architecture, CPCI architecture, and other high-speed, high-density, multi-layer PCB design, security monitoring, medical equipment/equipment, electrical appliances, consumer electronics, food and beverage, high-voltage applications, power boards, laboratory instruments, and phototherapy equipment. We carefully design and manufacture all our applications in full compliance with current American and international standards.

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