PCB Design Service

Rocket PCB provides PCB design service and electronic product development services from concept to manufacturing, including system design, schematic diagram capture, PCB layout, IBIS simulation, and small series high-end PCB prototype design, software development, function test, and product certification.

If you:

You need to make a PCB layout according to the design schematic you created.

Existing PCB designs need to be updated, changed, or optimized to achieve cost-effective assembly.

New PCB design is required, from concept (schematic / BOM) to creation (complete PCB document).

Our team of engineers can discuss any project needs that customers may have, we support the industry's leading design tools: Allegro, Pads, Altium, etc., schematic tools support CIS/ORCAD, Protel DXP, Design Capture, and more.


Rocket is a leader in high-quality PCB design and turnkey electronic manufacturing, providing the best service at competitive prices. With our resources and experience, we are your complete electronic engineering partner no matter your project size.


Our PCB design and engineering services are committed to meeting all the specific requirements of customers and customizing personalized projects to meet and exceed their expectations.


As a leading PCB manufacturer, members of our printed circuit board (PCB) design service team are practical partners working with you in every project and can help you achieve your goals at any time. They can complement your engineering expertise, which helps speed time to market, reduce the time from concept to production, and ensure that quality is integrated into the manufacturing process to maximize your profits.


Over the years, we have worked with domestic and international companies to design and improve their products. The diversity of our customer industries includes but is not limited to industrial control, server board, X86 architecture, Acta architecture, CPCI architecture, and other high-speed, high-density, multi-layer PCB design, security monitoring, medical equipment/equipment, electrical appliances, consumer electronics, food and beverage, high-voltage applications, power boards, laboratory instruments, and phototherapy equipment. We carefully design and manufacture all our applications in full compliance with current American and international standards.

Our team meets the challenge and provides the best PCB engineering services, electronic design process, circuit simulation, unique design tools, PCB design software, and innovative solutions using the world’s most cutting-edge technology.


The company always adheres to the business philosophy of high-quality product design and continuous customer satisfaction.



▶All types of professional PCB design services, including multi-layer, rigid, flexible PCB, rigid-flexible PCB

▶Complete highly complex and dense PCB layout design with speed and accuracy

▶Advanced component packaging and library creation, including BGA and QFN packaging conforming to IPC standards

▶High-speed PCB design, including differential pair, length matching, etc.

High-frequency RF / Microwave PCB design

▶Low-level analog PCB design

▶Ultra low EMI design for MRI applications

▶DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 memory design

▶Printed antenna design

▶Thermal/power simulation

▶Power integrity and signal integrity analysis

▶Expertise in the key and sensitive signal routing of analog and digital (mixed-signal) circuits

▶PCB reverse engineering services

▶Redesign services to correct defects or optimize existing PCB designs to reduce costs

▶Upgrade old PCBs with obsolete and obsolete components to the latest technology with widely available SMT components

PCBA prototyping

▶PCBA manufacturing

▶Electrical and functional test services

▶Provide customers with PCB impedance calculation, superposition design, QA inspection, process inspection, and EMC inspection free of charge


PCB design process

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