How to optimize PCB manufacturing cost when you design PCB

How to optimize PCB manufacturing cost when you design PCB


When we design a PCB project, we pay more attention to the layout and wiring, and often ignore the extra PCB manufacturing cost in the design. This paper discusses which factors in the design affect the PCB price and avoid increasing the cost to customers.

Number of wiring layers

The more layers, the better wiring, but the price increases linearly with the number of layers, and the higher the number of layers, the price doubles.

Through hole

Try to use more than 0.25 mm, less than 0.25 mm, most PCB manufacturers need to add charges.

Plug hole of via-in-pad

Usually the PCB maker has to increase the cost. Try not to use unless the signal and layout are limited.

Back drilling

Backplane and other high-speed signal can use, other do not use.

Line width and line spacing

Usually less than 6mil, the PCB manufacturer will increase the charge


High Tg halogen-free high frequency, unconventional PCB material increases purchasing cycle and PCB  production cost. Some high-frequency material can be mixed with ordinary FR-4, which can reduce the cost.

HDI and blind buried hole

The cost increases a large proportion, if the package allows, it is better not to use. (for BGA packages of 0.65 and above, the through-hole can be fanned out, while for some BGA packages of 0.5, the through-hole can be fanned out, mainly depending on the packaging pad and available pin)

Surface technology

The cost of surface technology (immersion gold, tin, silver and gold fingers) is increased, which is mainly decided by the customer. The design can be explained to the customer. Add one thing: copper thickness, PCB area, number and type of holes, gold layer thickness of surface treatment, and even delivery date will affect the price of PCB, which is difficult to consider.

Because some PCB products are very strict in price control, you need to pay more attention to them, such as PCB lamination, via backdrill and plug hole, especially the selection of PCB materials. Some products, not particularly concerned about the cost, can be arbitrary at this time.

Generally speaking, when we control the PCB cost, we must consider its reliability, because sometimes the cost of PCB is not the most expensive (except for some high-end PCB).

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