Engineering Services

R ocket provides you with the award-winning customer service every time. We will meet your needs and offer quotes based on your manufacturing and design requirements. Our skilled engineering team is experienced in HDI, RF, high speed, hybrid, embedded copper coin technology. Putting forward proposals on

printed circuit board prototypes, PCB design, cost factors of products and technology and provide rapid feedback on gerber checking, modules, design rules,

costs of different solutions, CAM design, build-up, impedance simulations, material selection, manufacturability, layout, use of micro-vias, gold plating, special laminates, etc.



The DRC is a quite important step to conduct an in-depth review of your production data of PCB manufacturing, which is carried out by our experienced CAM engineers with GENESIS software experience before the production of your printed circuit board.


A comprehensive Design Rule Check helps to identify any errors in advance, thus avoiding problems and complaints. We also do the PCB manufacturing rule check to make sure the PCB design is manufacturable. If we find any errors we will contact you immediately.


We always provide PCB design with strong manufacturability. Rocket PCB offers PCB engineering solutions that facilitate optimization of every stage of the manufacturing cycle from manufacturing, assembly, testing, delivery to service. Rocket PCB upholds the following design principle: cost-effectiveness, security, compliance, time to market, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


High-quality panel manufacturing is a key element in the manufacturing of printed circuit board and is what Rocket attaches great importance to. Our PCB engineering services meet many design requirements. And we offer many complex designs such as basic rectangular printed circuit boards, circuit boards with multiple wiring and PCB with polygon panels.

Our panel solutions allow mass production of circuit boards and make our customization service possible.

DXF to Gerber Conversion

Gerber is now the standard PCB design format.

DXF documents generated by mechanical CAD software are inefficient and time-consuming but Gerber files are more flexible and has fewer errors and can lead to faster production. Fortunately, we offer fast and easy conversion process from the format of DXF and DWG to Gerber to ensure a fast design process and PCB manufacturing process.

Controlled Impedance Modeling

If you need an OEM circuit board that can run within a range of 100MHz to 3 GHz, please contact us to find out how to order impedance controlled PCBs.


Impedance controlled PCBs also go through a strict quality monitoring process, so we can ensure that signal reflection takes precedence over insertion for reflection is critical to the overall signal integrity.

Expert Engineering and manufacturing personnel

Rocket PCB offers a full range of engineering and PCB design solutions to meet customer needs We have the latest modeling and manufacturing software to support the computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), automatic layout data checking and design rules checking.

Our PCB offerings include 1 layer, 64 layers, rigid, flex, 1-step HDI, any layer, embedded, hybrid, metal substrate, IC substrate, backplanes, high-speed frequency and RF PCB, etc. In addition, we support any PCB materials needed.

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