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Are you looking for design help for your rigid or flexible printed circuit board project?
We always provide PCB design with strong manufacturability. Rocket PCB offers PCB engineering solutions that facilitate optimization of every stage of the manufacturing cycle from manufacturing, assembly, testing, delivery to service. Rocket PCB upholds the following design principle: cost-effectiveness, security, compliance, time to market, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Our engineering support service gives customers the most in-depth feedback with accuracy and no delays and all the quality problems will be discovered before the fabrication.
We offer high-quality printed circuit boards for customers with reliable product quality and timely delivery. We will conduct a complete design review of all prototypes and unfinished boards products utilizing our Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). With our rich design experience and many years of PCB manufacturing, we ensure no defects and help our customers speed the time to market.

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Our 40-Point Checklist includes the following DFM checks:

Signal Checks

Conductor Width


Annular Ring

Drill to Copper

Hole Registration

Text Features

Missing Copper

Features Connection

Missing Holes

Unconnected Lines

Rout to Copper


Solder Mask Checks

Solder Mask Clearance


Rout to Mask


Missing Solder Mask Clearance

Exposed Lines

Partial Clearances






Drill Checks

Hole Size

Duplicate Holes

Hole Spacing

Touching Holes

Plane Shorts

Holes to Rout

Missing Holes






Plane Checks

Drill to Copper

Annular Ring


Conductor Width

Thermal Air gap / Spoke Width

Missing Copper

Rout to Copper

Drill Registration

Clearance smaller than hole




Silk Screen Checks

Silk Screen to Mask Spacing

Silk Screen to Copper Spacing

Silk Screen to Hole Spacing

Silk Screen to Rout Spacing

Line Width

Text Height

Silk Screen Over Copper Text






Full Netlist compare

If you load your IPC 356 format Netlist with your files, we will create a Netlist from your Gerber files and compare it with your IPC Netlist. If there are any shorts and opens, we will show you which Net they are on.

Precise analysis

We provide a precise analysis of our DFM with the exact location and real graphics.

Accept multiple drill files

You can indicate which holes require plating, and which layers they need to go through.

Alignment layer

For each layer in your Gerber files, we offer great DMF service and will provide you with a PDF file showing how the layer matches the drill holes so that any alignment issues will be spotted by you.

Instant price quote

Our great DFM is offered with our popular PCB service. You can get Instant price quote and get the best deal from our favorable PCB pricing. It just takes a few minutes to order our PCB with our quick quote service.

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