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What is DFM?


DFM (Design for Manufacturing) refers to the design process of a product with the exact purpose of simplifying the manufacturing of the product and creating a better product at a lower cost. Ideally, DFM should have been applied in the initial stages of the project and should involve the entire product development team, not just the hardware designers. As the project progresses through the various stages of the product lifecycle, each modification to the original project brings increasing weight and cost. Sometimes, it becomes particularly complex to implement.


On the other hand, applying DFM at the initial stages of PCB development allows any possible modifications to be made quickly and maintains the original performance of the product at a minimal cost. Technology is playing a pivotal role in many aspects of our lives. Smartphones, smartwatches, home appliances, and connected cars use innovative technology and connectivity. These and other applications require increasingly complex printed circuits, demanding that they be produced at the lowest cost, in the shortest time, and at the highest quality level.


The most complete Gerber manufacturing review in the industry!


Are you looking for design help for your rigid or flexible printed circuit board project?
We always provide PCB design with strong manufacturability. Rocket PCB offers PCB engineering solutions that facilitate optimization of every stage of the manufacturing cycle from manufacturing, assembly, testing, delivery to service. Rocket PCB upholds the following design principle: cost-effectiveness, security, compliance, time to market, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Our engineering support service gives customers the most in-depth feedback with accuracy and no delays and all the quality problems will be discovered before the fabrication.
We offer high-quality printed circuit boards for customers with reliable product quality and timely delivery. We will conduct a complete design review of all prototypes and unfinished boards products utilizing our Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). With our rich design experience and many years of PCB manufacturing, we ensure no defects and help our customers speed the time to market.

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Our 40-Point Checklist includes the following DFM checks:

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