PCB online quotation

PCB online quotation


If you are looking for PCB price or PCB assembly price, please do not hesitate to email Gerber information and BOM to sales@rocket-pcb.com.  Or you can leave a message online to our bottom right window, and we will provide you with real-time service and quotation.

As a first-class PCB manufacturer in China, Rocket pcb can meet the PCB prototype and mass PCB manufacturing requirements of various PCB types. There are various types of PCBs and abundant materials. We are well aware of the importance of speed and quality to your business, so we are committed to providing fast turnover and attractive market prices.

If you want to talk to our sales representatives, please accept our invitation.  We can interact online through Skype or whatappp to better understand your needs.

Or better way is to send Gerber and instructions to our sales email, we will appoint a sales representative to provide you with detailed PCB quotation, including freight and other information. Our price can't be as low as $5 on a platform like pcbway.  We can not dance with the lowest price.  But please believe that our competitiveness lies in high-quality raw materials and quality, and their unmatched processing capacity.Our samples at least meet the IPC2 standard, in line with ROHS, REACH and other specifications, the price is very competitive under the premise of zero error of the quality.

1) Price of PCB manufacturing

We can provide advanced PCB prototype manufacturing services up to 64 layers and mass production services of up to 34 layers. This is not a boast.  Thanks to our excellent supply chain team, PCB manufacturers are in the leading position in the industry, and their comprehensive strength ranks first in the world. So that your high-end R & D products, high-layer, HDI, high-frequency hybrid material, metal based thermal management solutions can be put into practice without a lot of cost.

For small and medium-sized batch PCB production, please contact us for timely quotation, for mass production, we will discuss cooperation.

 PCB raw materials include:

High speed materials: Rogers PCB, Nelco, Teflon, Arlon, Taconic, DuPont, Isola

Common PCB materials: FR4, FR2, CEM-1, CEM-3

Metal core PCB: aluminum core, copper based PCB

Some special models of PCB materials, such as some high-speed materials need to be purchased, please contact us, we will try our best to purchase for you.

We don' t have a minimum order quantity requirement.

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2)Price of PCB assembly service

The number of PCB assembly orders can be as low as 5pcs.  You can send PCB files and BOM to sales@rocket-pcb.com. We will give you an offer as soon as possible. The price of materials fluctuates greatly with the market.  For unusually used materials, we also need to search for channel agents.  Sometimes, there may be no stock to replace.  Therefore, we keep the material price valid for 3 days. We will choose alternative materials with your consent.

We welcome medical and military, automotive projects and so on.


PCBA' s offer includes

1.  Prototype PCB assembly

2.  Small batch PCB assembly

3.  Turnkey PCB assembly


You can ask us to provide the price of PCB, PCB assembly, electronic components and function test, or you can provide some components by yourself, we provide PCBA assembly price.


Our pcb prototype price system


Part I: Quotation of pcb prototype

Applicable to FR4, 1oz, 0. 8-1. 6mm, minimum hole > 0. 25mm, minimum line width > 5MIL

S≤0.   1M2

Delivery time < 1m2

Number of layers






3 Working days




5 Working days


≤ $230


6 Working days




7 Working days

Other manufacturing requirements such as copper thickness of 2oz, minimum hole 0. 25mm, line width ≥ 3mil, board thickness of 2. 0mm, etc.  will increase a small part of the cost.


Why choose us as your PCB manufacturing partner?


Quality Control:

100% ET is the basic.  All items comply with IPC-2 or IPC-3 standard according to customer’s requirments.  ISO9001 quality management, 100% AOI and meeting other industry specific standards like TS16949, ISO13485, etc.

Delivery time:

We maintain 99% on-time delivery rate.  In addition to PCB quality, the shortest delivery time is very important for us and our customers, especially in the prototype design stage. We work 24 hours a day to ensure that your PCB can reach your desk as soon as possible.

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There is no hidden cost in our pricing, and the best price we can offer you may be a fraction of the price of American or European manufacturers.


PCB assembly

Rocket PCB provides SMT assembly services for our printed circuit board customers. In a short period of time to quote, according to your bill of materials to buy original factory components, our assembly price is very competitive.

All your PCB projects can be completed in one stop: PCB manufacturing, SMT assembly, PCBA testing!

Welcome to choose rocket PCB as your PCB manufacturing, electronic contract manufacturing, PCB assembly manufacturer partner.


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