Supplier List

Rocket PCB is a professional supplier of PCB products, providing rigid PCB, metal-core, flexible PCB, rigid-Flex PCB, etc.  Products range from a single side to a high-layer PCB, with high-tech applications, including impedance control, high frequency (RF), halogen-free, HDI, back drill, heavy copper (12oz), ultra-long size, rigid-flex, etc. We support customers from quick turnaround (QTA), small and medium volume to mass production. It is our vision to provide satisfactory service and ensure that the cost of customers is reduced.

Rocket PCB is a PCB solution company with more than 20 years of experience in the PCB field. We can provide you with support from design to mass production.

Since 2002, we have been cooperating with many PCB factories to establish a stable supply relationship and continuously export high cost-effective PCB for our customers in Europe, America, and Asia. At the same time, PCB design, components procurement, PCB assembly are also our areas of expertise, we are committed to making customer procurement work easier.

For most factories, the entry threshold is a problem faced by most customers.  Our advantage is that we have a large number of domestic first-class PCB Factory resources.  PCB rapid samples, standard production, and Complex PCB prototyping become efficient and simple. In fact, we match PCB factories according to your needs, and we supervise all aspects of your unique PCB requirements, from R & D to new product launch; from the sample, production to batch delivery - so that you can focus on your core business. Real-time communication to solve engineering problems, rapid and professional production, the whole process monitoring for customer orders escort.

Our rigorous audit system – at every stage of PCB development – ensures that all our products comply with strict quality standards. No matter where you are or what challenges you are facing, we can tailor seamless PCB solutions to your specific needs.

Rely on our focus and deliberate attitude towards zero-defect quality. Our selected suppliers have passed the certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF 16949.

Our team consists of IPC certified trainers and experts, resident engineers, suppliers, and customer quality assurance teams, responsible for quality control, supply chain management, and audit, and providing quality technical support on-site. Moreover, we have implemented a continuous improvement process. This means that we always share experienced challenges, solutions, and lessons learned with all our suppliers to prevent the same situation from happening again.

We work with selected long-term suppliers who have been rigorously screened and maintained through regular audits. According to their ability in PCB design, we match the most suitable factories to optimize their advantages. This eliminates unnecessary risk and potential complexity.

From the first day of cooperation with suppliers, our relationship has become more and more close. We have always focused on and stressed the importance of a strong and sustainable partnership. Our current suppliers provide our customers with high quality, solutions and a sense of security.


Best cost

From R & D to mass production, you can get the best cost.

Good relationship

A good relationship is the first, business is the second.

20 Years of experience

Professional PCB team from design to product always provide support for you


We ensure that all products comply with IPC and RoHS


Our tasks are as follows:

  • Support various business types from the prototype, high mix small batch to mass production.
  • Listen to customers' requirements and technical trends in the PCB field, keep forging ahead and carry out in-depth cooperation with customers.
  • Invest in rigid, flex, and rigid-flex and introduce the latest solutions and technologies.
  • Provide DFM and set injection monitor, check the site and necessary equipment to ensure quality


Why visit us - what can we do?

1. Are you facing PCB challenges

Contact us, we are enthusiastic to help design PCB with challenging requirements, we will start by understanding your expectations and requirements.

2. Optimize your project from the start

Our most knowledgeable experts have more than 10 years of PCB experience on average. In the R & D phase, we can provide you and your team with consultation and support on manufacturing design.

3. Sampling and mass production

We pay close attention to and take special care of each project. That’s why we only work with selected, highly scrutinized, approved large-scale suppliers - your projects can be seen from infancy to maturity.

4. Other support

We are located in Shenzhen, China.  We have excellent resources in technology and quality experience.  I believe we are useful to you. We will solve your problems in PCB.

Our top supplier list
Q&D circuitsUniwellCojoin
GloryskyFastpcbFlexible (Zecheng)
CamelotSuperb (Shin PUU)SYE


Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Fastprint was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.  Three manufacturing campuses were built in Guangzhou, Yixing of Jiangsu Province, and the UK respectively.  Five branch offices were opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu andXi' an.  Besides, there are two subsidiaries in HK and the USA, dozens of customer service centers at home and abroad.  That is to say, Fastprint shaped the international network of marketing and technique, offering more than 4,000 customers from the globe good quality service.

Fastprint’future goal is to build the biggest quick-turn manufacturing platform of prototype, various types, and low volume PCBs in the world; to offer advanced manufacturing of IC Substrate and the assorted technical service; to build the open technical service platform and organize experienced specialist groups, forming the comprehensive capability of universal core technique in E-hardware design; to offer personalized one-stop solution matching the local various types and quick SMT service.

Q&D circuits

Shenzhen Qiangda was founded in 2004 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan and its headquarters is located in Bao' an District of Shenzhen city.

Qiangda circuit professional provides the production and sales services of high-end PCB and PCBA related products.  It is a well-known reliable supplier of "high difficulty, high quality, multi-variety and fast delivery" PCB in the industry.  Qiangda circuit has two production bases in Shenzhen and Ganzhou, with a total plant area of more than 50000 square meters and a total number of employees of more than 1200 people.  The annual output of various types of circuit boards is more than 800000 square meters. More than ten thousand. Qiangda circuit business is all over the world, with subsidiaries in Hong Kong and the United States, and offices in Beijing, Xi' an, Wuhan, Chengdu, Sichuan, Shanghai, Nanjing, Dalian, and Hangzhou.

Qiangda circuit has a strong product R & D capability, covering 32 layers of high-layer, hardware and software combination, thick copper, high-frequency high-speed, HDI, and other types. Qiangda circuit is committed to "build into a leading enterprise in the electronic device industry", "create value for customers and create future for employees with accurate products".


Suntak Technology Co., Ltd.  (Hereafter referred to as “Suntak Technology”) was established in Shenzhen in 1995.  It is a high-tech company specializing in the manufacture of circuit products.  Through more than two decades of efforts, Suntak Technology has developed into a listed company (stock code: 002815. SZ) with multiple manufacturing bases (Shenzhen, Jiangmen, Dalian, Suzhou).  In addition, Suntak Zhuhai plant will be put into production and operation soon, and the semiconductor component manufacturing and technology R&D center in Nantong, Jiangsu is in the preparation stage.  We focus on PCB products used in smartphones, communication equipment & Server, automotive electronics, etc.  As a full-category manufacturing group in the electronic circuit industry, we have formed distinct manufacturing units: Shenzhen Plant focuses on high and multi-layer products, and the customers distributed in high-end communication equipment, aerospace and server/storage industries; Jiangmen Plant I mainly manufactures 4-12-layer board, and it mainly serves the automotive electronics, computers, and industrial equipment industries; Jiangmen Plant II mainly manufactures HDI and R-FPC, and it deeply cultivates the field of mobile phones, wearable devices and consumer electronics; the 2-8-layer board manufactured by Suntak Dalian have traditional advantages in the industries of industrial control equipment, medical equipment, security electronics, etc. ; Suntak Dalian Electronics mainly manufactures single-sided boards, and the customers are distributed in the fields of household appliances, office equipment, etc. ; and Jiangsu Prevision Electronics of Suntak Holdings focuses on the manufacture of packaged carrier boards, and the products are widely applied to consumer electronics, indoor and outdoor display screens, optical fiber communications and automotive fields.


Sunshine Co., Ltd was founded in Shenzhen in July 2001.  In 2011, the United States sales company.  In 2012, the Germany manufacturing plant was set up.  And in 2013, the Germany sales company was set up.  In the year of 2014, its wholly-owned subsidiary Jiujiang Sunshine Circuits Technology Co. , Ltd was established Then .  in January 2016, Sunshine Co. , Ltd was transformed to limited by shares, and gradually established a modern enterprise management system.

Ever since its establishment, Sunshine Co., Ltd has paid high attention to quality and R&D, and has passed management system qualification as ISO9001:2008、ISO/TS16949:2009、ISO14001:2004、ISO13485:2003 and Product Safety Certification as UL, CQC.  Sunshine Co. ,Ltd was awarded as “Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise” in 2017 and “China High-tech Enterprise” in 2008.  From 2013-2016, Sunshine Co.,Ltd respectively ranked 64th, 61st, 59th and 54th in “China Printed Circuit industry list”rated by CPCA.

The company's main business is PCB research and development, production, and sales.  It has a capability of whole process production covering a variety of PCB types such as HDI, multilayer, rigid-flex, heavy copper board, medal-based board, high-frequency board, flex board, and so on.  These boards are sold to Europe, a number of countries and regions in America and Southeast Asia with a wide use to industrial control, medical electronics, automotive electronics, telecommunication equipment, LED lighting and some other applications.  Having been focused on innovation and continuous expansion of the product application field, the company established and solidified its advantage in low volume market.  The company studies and produces different types of PCB according to customers' requirement and at the same time gains profit.


Glorysky Group was founded in 2000, under which there're two companies, Shenzhen Glorysky Electronics Co. , Ltd and Huizhou Glorysky Electronics Co. , Ltd.

After 10 years continuous development, Glorysky formed a conglomerate business model, with annual production capacity of 1,200,000 square meters currently.

The company is committed to providing global customers with high-quality and high-reliability products, which are widely used in industrial control, power control, power equipments, communication equipments, automotive electronics and other industries and fields.  More than 40% of products were exported to overseas customers in Europe, America and other areas.  Our main products are 1-layers to 16-layers printed circuits boards, including Aluminum boards, double-sided boards, multi-layer boards and HDI boards.


SHENZHEN JINGZHUO CIRCUIT TECHNOLOGY CO.  LTD is a leading PCB producer located in Shenzhen of China, focusing on high mix, low/medium volume and quick turn.  We are able to produce multilayer up to 20 layers, high-frequency, Aluminum base, HDI and impedance PCBs.  80% products are exported to Europe, America and other Asian countries than China, which are widely applied in telecommunication, computers, medical instruments, industrial control, instruments & meters, automotive controlling systems and so on.

Established in Jan 2005, Jingzhuo has been developing as a top-class PCB manufacturer after 10-year development by continuously importing advanced technology, production and testing equipments.  The total investment is amounted up to 10 million USD.  With plant area of 18,000㎡ and designed production capacity of annual 300,000㎡, JingZhuo has grown into a professional designing and manufacturing group with 400 staff, in which the team of technicians, technology engineers and quality management takes up 30%.  At Jingzhuo, we perform standardized management system with the following certifications of ISO9001:2000 in Sep.  2005, ISO ISO9001:2008 in Mar.  2013, American UL (file No. : E344347) in Nov.  2005, ISO//TS16949 in Mar.  2013, ISO14001 in Feb 2014 and Canadian UL (file No. : E344347) in 2015.  We have developed the disposal system for exhaust gas and waste water to keep environment friendly in the beginning of our foundation.  We fulfill the social responsibility to build up a green factory.


Camelot Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd is a national hytec technology enterprise founded in 2006 with 15M USD registered capital.  Camelot have total investment more than 75M USD with 45,000 sqm production area that generate production capacity 100,000 sqm per month.

In response to the rapid technology development,from the beginning Camelot always devote to R&D and different varity of product.  Our core products are used in automotive components; Camelot is the major supplier of “CATL” which is the world’largest manufacturer of new energy automotive batteries company and our product apply to well-known oversea brand including Benz, BMW, Audi, Chrysler and famous local brand including YuTong, Geely and Baic Moter.  Our products also cover in other industries including comunication network, high speech high frequency, TFT LCD, medical, industrial control and consumer electronics product; over 50% of products being exported to United States, Europe and other countries.

In July 2019, our new factory “ Camelot Hubei Technology Co. , Ltd ” size of 277,000 sqm located in Anlu City, Hubei province start to production.  The total investment of the new factory is estimated o be 150M USD with total 400,000 sqm monthly capacity aims to be the top 10 PCB manufacturing base in China.  And Camelot always adheres to the core business philosophy of “Customer first, Quality No. 1, Best services and Continues innovation”.


Shenzhen Fusheng Electronics Co. , Ltd. , was founded in 2004, a national High-Tech enterprise speicialized in high-precision double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit board.  With a facility area of 30,000 square meters, cutting-edge production equipments and 500 skillful employees, our annual production now reaches 6 million square feet. high-precision double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit board.

Through the development of over 15 years, FS now has built up an outstanding team with experienced management and technical personnel which help to forge ahead and gain more market share.  And well-equipped with industry leading manufacturing facility and test machines, guided by international quality and environment system IATF16949, ISO9001,

ISO14000, we are devoted to supplying high-tech products for customers from worldwide.  Now most of our products are applied in industries like medical electronics, aerospace, digital communication, automotive electronics, security equipment, industrial control, etc.

Adhere to the business philosophy “People-oriented, Technology leading, Pragmatic and enterprising ”, FS has gained a remarkable reputation in the industry.  We will shape a better future for our customers, employees and suppliers by better quality, shorter delivery, more satisfactory products and services.


Shennan Circuits Co. , Ltd.  (hereinafter referred to as "SCC"), founded in 1984 with registered capital of RMB 475. 104 million, is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.  Its main manufacture facilities are located in Shenzhen, Wuxi and Nantong, Jiangsu, China.  Its business is all over the world, and there are subsidiaries in North America and R&D sites in Europe.

SCC always focuses on the field of connecting electronics and committed to "being the world-class provider of electronic circuits technology and solutions".  The company supports printed circuit board (PCB), package substrate and electronics assembly, it forms a unique "3-in-one" business layout in the industry: that is, taking interconnection as the core, while constantly strengthening the leading position of PCB, vigorously develop package substrate "integrating the technology of the same basis" as PCB and electronics assembly "serving customers from the same source".  The Company perform comprehensive manufacturing of "samples → medium and small batches → large batches".  Through full value chain services such as scheme design, manufacturing, electronics assembly, micro-assembly and testing.  SCC provides customers professional and efficient one-stop comprehensive solutions.


SCC seizes the historical opportunity of high-speed development of China’electronic industry, takes customer orientation as the guide, and regards technological development as the first driving force.  After years of development, the Company has become a leading company in China’PCB industry, a pioneer in China’package substrate field, and an advanced company in electronics assembly manufacturing.  The Company is a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program, the first national technological innovation model enterprise and National Enterprise Technology Center in the PCB industry; meanwhile, the Company is the chairman unit of China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA) and the chairman unit of Standards Committee (SC), leading and participating in the formulation of a number of industry standards.


With one-stop solutions, high-end and mid-end product structure, professional product development and manufacturing technology, stable quality performance and perfect management system, the Company has established a long-term and stable strategic cooperation relationship with the world’leading communication equipment manufacturers, aerospace electronics and medical equipment manufacturers.

Hangsheng PCB

Shenzhen Hangsheng PCB Technology Co. , Ltd was established in May 2007 in the Shenzhen Industrial Park, which is dedicated to providing PCB one-stop procurement services for customers worldwide.  The company will have three production bases (one of which is under construction), and products and services include high density double-sided and multi-layer PCB.  The company implements ERP system operation, introduces advanced equipment to improve process capacity and capacity, strengthens staff skills and quality training, strictly implements ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 international quality certification system, ISO14001 environment management system, UL, RoHS, REACH certification.  The company’featured PCB products are mainly automotive panels and power boards.  The company is CPCA member unit, SPCA executive director unit, HKPCA member unit, Shenzhen Auto Electronics Industry Association member unit.  It is one of the top 100 enterprises in China’PCB industry, and won the national high-tech enterprises and automotive electronics industry development contribution award and many other honors.

Uniwell circuits

Founded in 2007 with over 1,000 highly experienced staffs.  With two modern PCB plants,one prototype factory in shenzhen and one mass production factory in Jiangmen,one PCBA and one stencil holding plants.  we are able to output over 10,000 different part numbers per month.  We also get various certificates in the industry of PCB&PCBA like ISO ,UL, IATF certification and so on. Shenzhen factory was founded

in April,2007,which is special for Quick turn, Prototype, Sample and Small volume orders with 8000-10000 types per month and 24hours quick turn.  Approx. 350 employees, 60 engineers, 50 QA & QC staff and so on.

Jiangmen factory was founded in Oct,2010 which is special for medium volume and mass production order.  Approx.  500 employees, Capacity 2000 part numbers and 30,000sqm/month. We got national high- tech enterprise in year 2017.  Jiangmen factory made the big expansion & rebuild in Oct,2019. FPC & Rigid-Flex , R&D Dept.  was set up in year 2016, the highest layer count is R&D 20L(Including 18L flex), pure flex,8L HDI was set in year 2018, 18L and any layer at this moment. We also got national high-tech enterprise in 2017.

Our mission is to be your preferred PCB&PCBA provider by always innovating and expanding ourservices and industry leading equipments to meet all of your needs.  Our customers keep coming back to Uniwell because of our high quality, low cost, on-time shipping and satisfied service.

Tongyuan Technology

TONGYUAN TECHNOLOGY was established in 2002.  It is located in Huizhou city in Guangdong Province.

Our company has global famous brand equipment and experienced professional technical team.  Italy CEDAL press machine, Japanese Mitsubishi Laser drilling machine, Japanese Hitachi drilling machine, Korea TEASUNG equipment, HK Universe lever equipment and VCP, Orbtech AOI and Screen AOI etc.

The total amount of capital: 60 million U. S.  dollars, the factory covers an area of 50000 square meters, construction area: 48000, production capacity: 100000 square meters per month, 1200000 square meters per year, through the certification: ISO9001 / ISO14001/ TS16949/ UL/ CUL/ ISO13485/ QC080000; won the Guangdong clean production enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Guangdong, Huizhou advanced export unit of honor the title.



FOUNDED IN 1988, Gul Technologies Group is now a key player in the global PCB market, servicing customers in the automotive, computer peripheral, consumer electronics, telecommunication, healthcare and instrument & control.

The company was listed on SESDAQ in March 1997 and transferred to the Main Board of SGX in July 2000.  The Company was voluntary delisted from the Official List of Main Board of SGX-ST on 18 January 2013.  GulTech manufactures its high-quality products in its production facilities in Suzhou, Wuxi and Jiangsu, China.  Through innovative design and prototype expertise, GulTech continues to work in partnership with its multinational customers to provide leading-edge solutions in a highly-dynamic and fast-paced technological environment.  Today, GulTech is a global supplier with sales and representative offices in North America, Asia and Europ.


A high-quality supplier in China that provides the fast printed circuit board (PCB) with high precision in small and medium-sized batchesThe company, established in April 2004, is a hi-tech enterprise integrating R&D and manufacturing, which has its own R&D centre and is equipped with the first-class R&D team and independent intellectual property.  The company is headquartered at No.  699 Xingqing Road, Jiading Industrial Park, Shanghai and has its offices ramified all over the country and products sold to more than 30 countries and regions across the world.  The company covers an area of 13,109 square meters, among which, the Phase-I Plant occupies 4,500 square meters and Phase-II and Phase-III Plant occupies about 9,500 square meters.



JetPCB is one of Asia’leading full-service PCB prototypes total solution providers.  Jetpcbweb LLC is the American subsidiary of JetPCB Taiwan.  Established in 2003, our parent firm has offered cost effective valued products and services to many good companies for achieving their maximum efficiency in the smooth of running their business.  We aim to provide your boards for fast processing time, high quality, and affordable price.


Our chief engineers and CAM technicians are professional individuals who have more than ten-year experience in the PCB industry.  We offer professional and precision bound PCB documents that create the manufacturing specification.  For example, we can proceed as requested with quick turnaround and at the same time, we help our customers gain more business opportunities.  Working together with some of the best corporations, both at home and abroad, we provide 1-40 layer sample production; our target is to help clients save their production cost and time.


JetPCB adopts a pragmatic approach to the PCB market.  We provide a wide range of services designed to individuals who require low-to-medium volume with diversity.  With a sense of becoming a trustworthy PCB provider, we build our own socialism core values in the spirit of being of industrial service.


Since inception, we have provided unparalleled service for our clients.  Our reliable products have already been sold to many of the well-known High Tech IT companies in Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, and the United States.

Superpcb (Shin PUU)

Taiwan’printed circuit board (PCB)industry is the largest in the world in terms of value, and Taiwan’third-biggest industry after semi-conductors and p anels.  For decades, electronics and ICT technology flourished in Taiwan, creating the electronics that are typically high-mix low-volume.  Having served several listed PCB companies, Wu Yuan-chao saw an urgent market need mies of scale, ignoring the need for R&D, manufacturing an d services for early-stage cutting-edge high-mix low-volume specialty manufacturing, and so founded Shin Puu Technology Co, Ltd.  in 2001.

Shin Puu Technology is Taiwans first PCB manufacturer built on an innovation-centric business model specially designed for its ambition to become the global leader in high-mix low-volume manufacture of PCB and PCBA for electronics and various customized services.  Therefore, Shin Puu Technology has a long-term commitment to talent development and to pushing back boundaries in higher-order process technology.  We continuously invest in R&D and innovation of manufacturing processes, leadership and management, workflow improvement, all in order to satisfy our customers with quality and speed, and to remain Taiwan’leading pioneer in high-mix low-volume specialized manufacturing of PCB In our Total Quality Management we focus on optimizing 'operational cost and'competitive advantage implementing 'enterprise transformation, strengthening our 'competitive strategy, and 'accelerated improvement of business performande through operational efficiency, and enhancing ' organizational capability' to make ' quality' the core value for everyone at Shin Puu ' Helping the customers succeed'is the guiding principle in everything we do.

Speedy PCB

Founded in 1996, our company initially served as a source for PCB prototyping among different domestic electronics companies.  Not long after, a number of leading international technology firms, such as Kingston, Emerson,Intel,Boeing,Facebook. . . you named it have also turned to us for their prototyping requirements.  Over the years, we've committed ourselves to providing quality and reliable PCB engineering, satisfying every prototype design for various single-sided, double-sided, high layer count multilayer, or hybrid type of board that includes Rigid, Flexible, and Rigid-Flex.

Today, we’re one of the most sought-after manufacturers for quick turnaround PCBs, having been consistently included in the approved vendors list of some of the big names in DRAM, Information Technology, Telecommunications and other high-tech sectors.  By upgrading our facility and investing in more advanced processing systems, such as Orbotech AOI,MACHVISION AOIM, LDI, DI and InCAM Pro, we've raised the ante on more complex HDI prototyping, delivering not only more reliable results, but also faster than any other fabricating service company in the PCB industry.


GuangDongXingDaHongYe Electronic Company Ltd is a subsidiary of Konka Group.  Founded in 1987 Xingda has over 30 years of PCB production experience and has developed and maintains significant influence in the Southern China region.

Xingda’PCB products are widely used in the fields of Communication, Medical, Instrument electronics ,Computer, Smart home,NER Automotive, 5G and many more.

Xingda’factory is located in ZhongShan City, GuangDong Province and occupies a site of 110,000 Sqm area (1,180,000 sqft).  Current annual output value is circa $150 million.

We focus considerable attention on retaining and developing our highly qualified and experienced team.  With more than 120 senior engineers in the company we continuously invest in their development to ensure we are aware of and adopt the latest industry innovations whilst ensuring our engineers are qualified to the most current standards.  We have a mature management system and our goal is to be the benchmark in the PCB industry.  We are qualified with UL, IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO9001, CE, and CQC and follow international standards such as IPC and MIL, thus ensuring a speedy, efficient and reliable PCB manufacturing service for our client companies around the world.

We take our environmental protection responsibilities seriously and recently invested $2. 34million to set up a waste water treatment and recycling plant capable of handling 2500 tons per day.  We continue to seek out best practice in our manufacturing processes to reduce our environmental impact and this policy remains firmly at the top of our agenda.


Hunan Lear circuit board Co. , Ltd. , founded in 2008, is located in Liuyang Industrial Park, Changsha City, Hunan Province, with convenient transportation.  It is only 15 kilometers away from Hunan Huanghua International Airport and 30 kilometers away from Changsha high speed railway station.


The company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of high-precision and multi-layer circuit boards (including HDI, small size BGA, blind buried hole, ceramic board, characteristic impedance control board). The products are widely used in LED display, professional instruments, high frequency signal and professional power supply, etc. , involving the fields of automobile, household appliances, communication, medical treatment, display screen, etc. The factory covers an area of 60000 square meters. About 40000 square meters of circuit boards (20000 square meters of multi-layer boards or high-precision circuit boards) can be produced every month. At present, it is one of the domestic enterprises with the longest production time and the largest scale of high-precision circuit board production in Hunan Province.


At present, the company has advanced production equipment and testing equipment: Taiwan Dongtai drilling rig, Hong Kong cosmic horizontal line, Taiwan Jingming electroplating line, Zhisheng exposure machine, Oxford X-ray tester, Xiejie avi appearance detector, etc. At the same time, we have a clean production environment and strong technical force team. The company fully implements ISO9001, TS16949 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and QC080000 hazardous substances management system.  Adhering to the mission of "providing high-quality products for customers and creating a better life for employees", the company is committed to becoming a comprehensive service provider and solution provider for small and medium batch circuit boards.


Main customers of the company:

Aerospace, qungguang, Artesyn, Enics, Weisheng group, Nippon Electric Power Co. , Ltd. , new Yasheng, sannuo, Shanghai Volkswagen

Cojoin circuits

Cojoin is specialized in manufacturing PCB, FPC and Rigid-Flex circuit board.  to focusing on ultra-small, ultra-thin, ultra-thick, fine lines, high reliability products, to build the circuit board development path of differentiation.


Welfare Printed Circuits Board Co. , Ltd.  was founded in Hong Kong since May 1984.  After all the years of continuous development and innovation she has now become one of the leading PCB manufacturer in China and earned a high prestige from global electronic industry market.

With over 2,000 experienced staff and advanced production facilities equipped in Shenzhen and Kaiping plant occupied a total area of 100,000 square meter.  Welfare’productivity is capable to reach a maximum of 300,000 square meter per month.

A decisive and responsible management group is the factor of our key to success! Sustainable principle of 7S management system has been strictly adopted in our core management system in order to compete In best shape.  Our commitment to customer is represented by the slogan “We valued customer’satisfaction and Top quality as our first priority! ” While our PCB products has been widely consumed by Industries field such as automobile, communications, computers, industry control, energy, medical, security, aerospace and home appliances etc.  We will never stop seeking for improvement space and devote our best effort to achieve best quality, on-time delivery, cost competitive and responsive after sales service!


Bomin Electronics was founded in the year of 1994, implemented joint-stock system reform in 2011, and publicly listed on A shares in 2015, stock code:603936.  Focusing on high end PCB production, it integrates design, processing, sales and foreign trade.  It has five subsidiaries:Shenzhen Bomin Electronics Co, Ltd, Jiangsu Bomin Electronics Co. , Ltd, Bomin Technology(Hong Kong) Co. , Ltd, Shenzhen Juntian Hengxun Technology Co. , Ltd and Shenzhen Bloomy Technology Co. , Ltd. .  It has one sub-subsidiary:Shenzhen Bochuang zhilian Technology Co, Ltd. It has distributors in countries and regions including USA, UK, Germany, Brazil, Hong Kong etc, and is one of China’strongest private PCB manutacturing firm Its featured products include:HDI(high density interconnect) boards, general double sided, multi-layer, microwave high-frequency, heavy copper, metal base/core and flexible boards, rigid-flex boards etc.  The products are widely used in high-technology fields including communication equipments, medical devices, detection system, aerospace, household electronic products, etc.

Flexible (Zecheng)

Shenzhen Zecheng Electronic Co. , Ltd.  was established in 2003, a national high-tech enterprise. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in FPC / PCB design, digital analog (A / D) mixed circuit design and production of circuit board (FPC, PCB) components, making FPC / PCB functional and modular, and providing full process supply chain services. The company is located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone of China, with modern production plant and professional production and testing equipment imported from Europe, America and Japan.  It is one of the most powerful FPC and FPC / PCB component manufacturers in China.

Zecheng electronics operates in strict accordance with the management standard of modern enterprise system, and has established a unique scientific research system and long-term scientific development plan.  It adopts "7S" management in daily production.  In terms of management system and quality / environment system, the company comprehensively implements ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, iatf16949:2016 and ISO 13485:2016.

Zecheng Electronics will continue to adapt to the changing trend of the times, as always committed to the development of new products and technologies, to achieve high-quality products leading the domestic and international markets, to become a comprehensive, international high-tech industry company for both domestic and international markets, and continue to expand its contribution to the world.


Wuhan 709 PCB Technology Company Ltd is the China’leading manufacturer of PCB.  have been offering quality printed circuit boards to such industries as Aeronautics,Aerospace,Computer,Telecommunication,Machineries and Instruments and Consumer Electronics since 1962. Being a pioneer in R & D,and manufacturing of circuits in China. our philosophy is to deliver defect free, quality PCB to our customers at competitive prices and on time.  With multipi,state-of-the art manufacturing facilities encompassing more than 13,000 square meters in size,and conveniently located in the Guandong Industrial Park of Wuhan China,709 PCB serves both domestic and international markets with PCB of the highest quality standards available. Our annual production capacity is 50,000 square meters of multilayered boards. Our team of more than 280 employees is the greatest asset we possess as our competitive spirit and dedication to serve our clients. We have been XQC certifies since 2005 to meet the quality requirements of the Chinese national Defense Industrial Standard GJB9001A-2001. Because new technologies evolve and our customer’needs change 709 PCB constantly implements new processes and technologies to stay ahead in everything we do to satisfy our customers'needs.  This is achieved by our complete in-house capabilities. We regard our customers and supplies as partners, and as team players.  We are committed to deliver the highest quality products and the most satisfactory customer service to our clients on time, and at reasonable prices. Wuhan 709 PCB Technology Co. Ltd.


SHENGYI ELECTRONICS CO. , LTD. (Short for "SYE")locates in Dongguan, Guangdong province.  As a leading manufacturer of high-quality multilayer printed circuit board, SYE has rich experience over more than twenty-year’growth and expansion.  Based in 1985, SYE covers 44 thousand square meters, 2 thousand employees, professional in high precision, high density and high quality printed circuit boards.  Take advantage in multilayer PCBs which widely used in communication, networking, power supply, instrument, automotive electrics and other fields, marketing in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific countries.  "High Quanlity" is always the soul in SYE production, and to provide satisfying product and service is the goal we're persuing.  The best quality and leading market position is based on total quality management and well performed quality insurance under ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/TS16949, OHSAS18001, ISO/IEC27001 as well as technical development drives.  SYE started the expansion in Dongcheng new plant in Dongguan Tongsha Technology Industrial Parkin Sep.  2013.  This project invested 200million USD, covered 180 thousand square meters.  Targeting at high-layer count, high-density, and high speed and high performance communication networking, as well as advanced HDI and ELIC in communication terminal products.  SYE has inheritated dilligent and activate enterprise culture, pursuing for lean systerm manangement, achieving win-win cooperation for employees, shareholders and social benefits.


Eisunwas established in its current locationat Chuang Ye Road, ShenZhen; With capital of 1. 5 million USD in July 2001.  First products were 2-layer PCBs.  •In 2003 additional USD 1. 0 million was invested to buildanother facility and to improve capability to produce 4-layer PCBs.  •In2007 product portfolio was broadened to 6-10L PCBs and thick copper option withan investment of USD 1. 7 million.  Automotive electronics became a newapplication area.  •In2012 Mr.  Stone Wang became majority shareholder.  Invested capital was increasedanother USD 1. 5 million to impove equipment.  •In2016 office and workshop areas were renovated.  Investments to new productionand test equipment were USD 3 million.  Production capability improved to PCB upto 20 layers, copper thickness up to 6 Oz (200 microns).  •In2018 Zhuhai factory project was started.


Brain Power (Qingyuan) Co. ,Ltd ‘headquater is located in Taipei city, invested to construct PCB production plant in mainland China on March 1996, as a professional manufacturer of Memory stickers and OEM circuit boards ,BP have employees from the original more than 40 staffs, developing to today’more than 1800 staffs. The company’registered capitals are from USD 2. 5million (RMB 20millios) original to today’USD 65. 17millions (RMB 456 millions).

Brain Power( Qingyuan) Plants were constructed in Jiafu Industry Zone, Qingyuan Hi-Tech Development Part on March 2005, will be the world largest production zone of modules and PCB board, supply almost 60% of the global market demands.  The manufacture accupies areas of 9. 6,000 square metres, are introducing the advanced equipments for producing and testing PCB boards from German, Japan, USA, and Taiwan etc. , We have high-quality management talents and engineering technical teams.  Our monthly production capacities are over 800,000 sqin.  We have passed ISO-9001、ISO-14001、OHSAS-18000, and UL certification in management and qualityof products.  Fully quality assurances are the absolute gurantee for the fast delivery.  Endless striving for excellence, quality first, service first and credit first are our company’purposes.  The foundations of our marketing competition are good reputation and flexible marketing activities.

Our branch office in USA, Austria, HK etc have been setting up successively from 1993, in order to realize our business aims to become the world largest manufacture of memory stickers, PCB and OEM circuit boards.

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