Rocket PCB specializes in solving complex PCB applications. It has strong experience in high-difficulty PCB processing, such as RF line control, high-frequency, high-speed, multi-drill and large-size backplane, micro-via, plating over for via(POFV), buried resistance and capacitor, high-order and multi-stage HDI, dual press-fit, dual-drill, embedded copper coin, press-fit coin, multi-cavity, metal core bonding, special gold finger, heat dissipation solutions, etc. These special processes put forward high requirements on plant equipment, technical ability, personnel skills, R&D investment, processing control, project evaluation and so on. This is not a common PCB factory can achieve alone. In Rocket PCB, which has been deposited in these professional fields for many years, is able to solve all these problems, occupy a higher level of complex PCB production. More details about printed circuit board, click this link in.

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