Dongguan circuit board factory: purchase to know knowledge of printed circuit boards

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-12
Rocket PCB as a professional supplier of PCB circuit boards, focus on high-precision double-sided/multilayer circuit board production, advanced HDI board, circuit boards, blind hole buried thick copper PCB proofing and small batch, high frequency circuit boards and PCB board production. Under the same cost we faster delivery, under the same delivery speed our costs are lower. At present, the Rocket PCB circuit has PCB circuit board production base and technology research and development base, in the domestic several major electronic product design center layout service center, has for more than 2000 customers worldwide rapid electronic manufacturing services. Actual electronic products used in printed circuit board differ in thousands ways, printed circuit board has a different classification according to different criteria. A, according to the classification according to the distribution of printed circuit board printed circuit about distribution can be ( Dongguan PCB factory) Printed circuit board is divided into single-sided PCB, double-sided multi-layer circuit boards, PCB single-sided PCB single-sided PCB is the thickness of 0. 2 - 5 mm insulating substrate, there is only one coated on the surface of copper foil, printing and the method of corrosion in the printed circuit is formed on the substrate. Single-sided PCB manufacturing is simple, easy to assemble, applicable to a circuit requirements, such as radio, TV, etc. ; Is not suitable for high density assembly or complex circuit required. Double-sided printed circuit board computer and electronic instruments and meters, etc. Due to a single double-sided circuit board printed circuit wiring density panel is high, so can reduce the volume of the equipment. In PCB PCB/PCB PCB insulating substrate printed above 3 layer PCB is called a multilayer printed circuit. 2 - 2.5mm。 In order to put the clip in the middle of the insulating substrate circuit leads, ( Dongguan PCB factory) Multilayer PCB components are installed on the PCB hole need metallization, namely in the holes in the surface coating metal layer, with clip in the middle of the insulating substrate printed circuit switched on. Below is the PCB PCB schematic structure, ( Dongguan PCB factory) PCB components for patch type more components used in the multilayer circuit board, its characteristic is: 1, adding the shielding layer, reduce the circuit of signal distortion; 2, reduce the components welding points, reduces the failure rate; 3, with the integrated circuit, can make whole miniaturization, reducing the weight; 4, improve the wiring density, narrow the components of the spacing, shorten the signal transmission path; 5, and introduced the ground heat dissipation layer, can reduce local overheating, improving the working reliability of the machine.
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