Whether it's better to partner with a "one-stop-solution" PCB supplier or with multiple suppliers with specializations is a very important question. It's even more important now that PCB vendors have broadened their offerings to deliver more perceived value to the customer.

At Rocket PCB, we do one thing only, but we do that one thing exceptionally well- and that is manufacturing printed circuit boards. Here's the top 5 reasons our customers choose us over all-in-one PCB suppliers:

1) Quality Assurance

At a one-stop-shop, a faulty assembled PCB can be the result of faulty design, fabrication, assembly or even shipping – this complex manufacturing process takes thorough investigation at every single level to discover the root cause. 

When it comes to fabricating PCBs,Rocket PCB takes complete accountability for the the quality and integrity of the boards we deliver. Between the millions invested in our facility, our exhaustive list of certifications, and our customer satisfaction guarantee, we've built our reputation on quality and reliability.

2) Concentrated Expertise

When you spend over 30 years with laser like focus on one particular area of the pcb fabrication process, you gain a level of expertise that is unrivaled at many one-stop board shops. We have a short list of vendors that we know personally and whom we recommend to our customers in every specialized area of the PCB process, but the entire focus of our recruiting, training, processes, and investments,  is on manufacturing better bare printed circuit boards.

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3) Reduced Costs

Some PCB companies offer PCB design software, PCB manufacturing, and PCB assembly all under one roof. Instead of offering all of these services and burying the costs for each and every customer, we decided to invest 100% of our time and energy into manufacturing the highest quality bare circuit boards at the lowest possible costs. This is why our pricing is so competitive and free of buried costs. But don't just take our word for it, Get a Quote to see just how much money, time, and peace of mind you could be saving by working with Rocket PCB.

Rocket PCB is a PCB manufacturer committed to excellence, and we believe that nobody can be excellent at everything. Consequently, we made the intentional decision to build our reputation on fabrication and our mission is to build bare PCBs better, faster, and more affordable than anyone else. 

4) Avoiding Supplier Failure

There is a real risk if a one-stop board shop has a catastrophic event, gets bought by your competitor, has financial problems, etc. By not entrusting all of your manufacturing needs with one supplier, companies are able to adjust and recover more quickly in the event of catastrophe.

5) Customer Empowerment

The more dependent you are on a one-stop PCB shop, the less leverage you have. When you bundle all of your PCB manufacturing needs, you're less likely to switch vendors or shop around for different suppliers. By choosing only one single vendor for all of your PCB manufacturing needs, product innovation is limited and dictated by that one particular vendor. It is also more difficult for the buyer to ensure competitive technology and pricing if there is only one source. Avoid single-vendor "lock-in".

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