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PCBA prototype

PCBA prototype



For Chinese PCB and electronics manufacturers, the key step is to select the best electronic prototypes for your project and to create excellent PCB prototypes, and estimate production costs.

Prototype design and development

At this stage, you will work closely with engineers in the manufacturing of electronic prototypes.

Even a small component error can cause the great costs for an electronics manufacturing company. In China, the plant will be adjusted exactly according to your requirements, which makes it critical to obtain an electronic prototype before the production process starts.

Despite the fact that many Western companies bring their business to China, language barriers still exist. Find a factory where everyone you meet says perfect English can be hard.

The best way is to find an electronic manufacturer with sufficient technical experience and real foreign business experience so that you don't have to throw away the whole batch of electronics due to an electronic prototype error. We are your perfect choice!

Testing and tuning

At this point, your PCBA prototype will undergo rigorous tests for testing its durability and stability. In addition, Chinese PCB manufacturers will provide PCBA prototypes to third-party labs for unbiased testing and engineering scanning.

Typically, the test will reveal at least some of the issues that will be resolved immediately and the necessary improvements will be implemented. After that, the testing and tuning process will be repeated as many times as necessary to ensure perfect prototype manufacturing.

Of course, every extra test may cost you more money so we stress the importance of prototyping so that this step can be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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1. Qualification ratio of more than 95.9%

3. On-time delivery rate of more than 94%

4. Customer satisfaction rate of more than 98%

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