The most complete classification of PCB types

The most complete classification of PCB types


PCBs are classified in many ways.

According to the softness of the substrate material, can be divided into rigid board (R-PCB), flexible version (FPC, Flexible Printed Circuit), rigid-flexible combination board.

According to the number of layers of conductive graphics, can be divided into single-sided, double-sided, multilayer board; which, multilayer board can be divided into low and medium layer board and high layer board.

According to the application area, it can be divided into communication boards, consumer electronics boards, computer boards, automotive electronics boards, etc..

In addition, there are special product categories, such as high-speed high-frequency board, high-density connection board (HDI, High-Density Interconnector), packaging substrate.

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Different types of PCBs, have different characteristics and uses, summarized below

Product categoryProduct featuresApplication area Chinese mainland manufacturers
Rigid boardSingle boardThe single board only forms the conductive pattern on one side of the insulating substrate, while the wires are concentrated on the other side, which is the most basic structure in the printed circuit boardOrdinary household appliances, electronic remote control, and simple electronic productsThere are more mainland PCB manufacturers with the ability to produce single/double-sided boards and ordinary medium and   low layer boards
Double sided boardThe double board is a circuit board with an upper and lower circuit structure. Compared with a single board, the application of a double-sided board is basically the same as that of a single board. The main feature is that it increases the wiring density per unit area, and its structure is more complex   than that of a single boardConsumer electronics, computer, automotive electronics, communications equipment, industrial control and other fields
Multilayer boardCommon multilayer boardMedium-low laminateMedium and low layer boards generally refer to printed circuit boards with 4-6 layers of conductive patternsConsumer electronics, personal computers, laptops, automotive electronics and other fields
High rise layerHigh-level board refers to the printed circuit board with 8 or more conductive patternsCommunication equipment, high-speed server, industrial control medical, military and other fieldsKinwong electronics, Suntak technology, etc
BackplaneBackplane refers to the printed circuit board used to connect or plug multiple single boards in the electronic system to form an independent system. It has the characteristics of high multi-layer, super large size, super high thickness, super weight, high reliability, etc., and the processing technology is difficult, especially in the lamination, drilling, key and other process links (mainly in 20-60 layers, 4-12mm thickness, 30000-100000 holes)Communication core routing switching, OTN transmission, communication base station, data center service/storage, supercomputer, large medical imaging equipment, and aerospace control systemFastprint technology, Suntak technology, Founder Technology, etc
Metal substrateCopper substrateThe   most widely used and high-end metal-based products have good heat  dissipation, good dimensional stability, high cost and high qualityWireless   communication base station, microwave communication and other fields to solve the problem of high-power system heat dissipationKinwong electronics, Suntak technology, Fastprint technology, Sunshine circuit, Bomin   electronics, CEE electronics, Tianjin Printronics, Xiehe electronics, etc
Aluminum substrateAlthough the heat dissipation performance is not as good as copper substrate, it is relatively light due to its low cost. It has excellent electrical insulation performance and machining performanceIt is used in the circuit which produces more heat, such as car igniter, power controller, etc
Iron baseboardIt has magnetic function and good magnetic conductivity, but it is easy to oxidize and has high qualitySmall precision motor and intelligent driver, etc
Stainless steel substrateIt has good acid resistance, weather resistance, high strength, but high qualityIt is often used in marine lighting circuit and other harsh environment
High speed boardIt is made of a multi-layer conductive pattern and low dielectric consumption high-speed material. It mainly undertakes the high-speed circuit signal   transmission between chipsets, so as to realize the chip operation and signal   processing functionsCommunication and service/storage, etcFastprint technology, Bomin electronics, etc
High frequency boardAlso known as RF circuit board, high-frequency circuit board refers to the special   circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency, which generally uses ceramics, PPO resin or fluorine resin as the substrate material of circuit boardIt   can be divided into two categories: 1) high-frequency signal transmission   (related to radio electromagnetic wave) electronic products, such as modern   communication equipment, satellite radar, radio and television, etc.; 2) high-speed logic signal transmission
    (digital signal transmission) electronic products.It is mainly used in   automobile anti-collision system and automobile braking system
Suntak technology, Bomin electronics, Mingyang circuit, Dongshan precision, Xiehe   electronics, etc
HDIIntroductionFirst order (1 + C + 1), second order (2 + C + 2), third order (3 + C + 3)Mobile phones, digital cameras and other consumer electronics, communication   equipment and automotive electronics and other fieldsFastprint technology, Suntak technology, Olympic circuit, etc
General categoryFourth-order and above, any layer (n + C + N, currently mostly 10-12 layers)CEE Electronics
High endSLP, rigid-flex composite board, rigid board area using HDI TechnologyAvary Holdings
Flexible boardA flexible board, also known as a flexible board, is a printed circuit board made of polyimide or polyester film and other flexible insulating substrates. The flexible board can be bent, wound, folded, arranged according to the space layout   requirements, and moved and expanded in three-dimensional space, so as to   achieve the integration of component assembly and wire connectionSmartphones, tablets. Wearable devices, other touch devices, etcMore mainland manufacturers have the ability to produce flexible boards
Rigid-Flex PCB Also known as "soft and hard combination board", it refers to laminating   different flexible boards and rigid boards together, realizing the coarse   interconnection of the rigid printed circuit board and flexible printed circuit   board through-hole metallization process, the flexible board can be bent and   rigid board can bear heavy components, forming a three-dimensional circuit   boardMedical equipment, navigation system, consumer electronics, etc
Packaging substrateMemory chip package substrate (EMMC)Smartphone memory module, solid-state hard disk, etcShennan circuit (SCC), danbang technology,   Fastprint technology
MEMS packaging substrateSmartphones, tablets, wearable devices, sensors, etc
RF module packaging substrate RFRF module of mobile communication products such as smartphones
Processor chip package substrate (WB-CSP and FC-CSP)Baseband and application processor of smartphones, tablet computers, etc
High speed communication package substrateData broadband, telecommunication, FTTX, data center, security monitoring, and smart grid conversion module

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