The testability of PCB design

by:Rocket PCB     2020-03-25
PCB testability design the testability of the basic concepts of product design is one of the main content of product manufacturability, is one of the important contents of the electronic product design must consider. Product testability design refers to the design of the product, should consider how to use the most simple method to test the product performance and quality of processing, or as far as possible by the regulation method for testing its performance and quality. During the mass production of electronic products, need a online test and function test, PCB board should be considered when designing the circuit testing, and the feasibility of the development and production test equipment and convenience. A good testability design of products, can simplify the production process inspection and product final testing of preparatory work, increase test efficiency and reduce test cost, and easy to find the product defects and failures, to ensure product quality stability and reliability. A bad product testability design, not only can increase the testing time and cost, even because of difficult to testing to ensure product quality and reliability. 1: the testability of PCB design, PCB design for testability and manufacturability of PCB design, PCB testability design also belongs to the technology of PCB design, and also includes a printed circuit board manufacturing and finished PCB ( Plate) The testability. The testability of PCB assembly two parts, the two parts of different test methods and requirements. For PCB designers, both need to understand on the PCB need to test the performance and test methods, also need to know about PCB assembly mounted test requirements and test methods. For the finished PCB ( Plate) The test methods and performance requirements has unified the related PCB standard. Then you will find it. For test of PCB assemblies, need according to the requirements of the circuit and the structure features and to carefully consider, in the layout, wiring, should take appropriate measures, setting up reasonable test points, or split the test during the installation process. As the miniaturization of electronic products, components of the pitch is more and more small, density is more and more big, the installation is available for testing the circuit nodes is less and less, so online test for the PCB assembly difficulty also bigger and bigger. Therefore, the design should be fully considered when PCB testability electrical conditions and physical and mechanical conditions, and using the appropriate machinery and electronics equipment. 2: PCB board test: PCB plate test is an important means to ensure the quality of PCB to install components, and ensure the quality of PCB assemblies and reduce rework, rework and scrap loss of important link. Electronics industry at home and abroad is very importance to various performance tests for printed circuit board, make a lot of testing standards and methods. The main test items include appearance test, mechanical performance testing, electrical performance test, physical and chemical properties testing standards, as long as and reliability ( Environmental adaptability) Testing, etc. PCB board test project a lot, but fewer restrictions on design. Appearance test for testability design requirements. Appearance test generally refers to the finished product on the PCB by visual inspection or proper optical instrument for testing, is mainly manufacturing appearance quality inspection. Electrical performance test by the greatest effect in the PCB design layout, including resistance to voltage, insulation resistance, characteristic impedance and circuit on-off test items, test point design should conform to the requirements of the tests and requirements. On-off circuit test testability design in relation to the maximum, the test is the key to ensure the quality of printed circuit board testing, that requires 100% of each PCB logic on-off test. In PCB design, testing may utilize test equipment should be considered as the probe testing circuit matching problem of physical size, avoid because of the position and size of the error of measuring points on PCB, cause the errors of test or test problem of poor repeatability. For damaging mechanical, physical and chemical properties test, usually taken from the same batch of products in the sample or design a dedicated test plate or attachment test board, according to the standards for testing and evaluation, the design should be familiar with the design of the test plate and the entrained test board, and test requirements and methods. 3: PCB assembly test PCB assembly testing refers to the PCB after the installation of the components of electric and physical test, the test method is much more complex than the PCB plate detection. The testability of PCB assembly before the start of the design, manufacture, installation and testing of PCB has to be technical personnel review, review the content involves the degree of visual circuit graphics, the density of installation, testing, operation method, the division of the test area, special test requirements and test specification, etc. Assembly testability design including the testability of system, and system test function requirements shall be reviewed.
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