Technical barriers in PCB manufacturing industry

Technical barriers in PCB manufacturing industry


PCB manufacturing industry is a technology intensive industry with high technical barriers.
PCB industry integrates electronics, machinery, computer, optics, materials, chemical engineering and other disciplines to engage in product manufacturing services. It needs to have a comprehensive understanding and comprehensive understanding of the corresponding disciplines, and have the ability to comprehensively apply it to actual production. From the perspective of manufacturing process, with the development of PCB products to high-precision and high-density, the production of various PCB products, especially various high-end products or special substrate products, requires different engineering organization and process adjustment, and the patent technology, know-how and special process involved are not the same, with strong flexible manufacturing characteristics; secondly, in the product manufacturing process Enterprises need to be able to produce various kinds of PCB products (such as electroplating, etching, drilling, surface treatment, etc.), any defects in the process will lead to the decline of the final product yield, which will affect the operation of the entire supply chain.
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With the rapid development of the industry, PCB orders are more and more concentrated in large companies with high technical ability, strong manufacturing ability and able to quickly provide comprehensive solutions for customers. However, limited by their own technical capabilities, small-scale companies will have less orders, which will lead to a smaller and smaller profit margin, which will increase the market risk of new entrants in the industry.

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