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by:Rocket PCB     2020-04-04
Guangzhou PCB proofing is how to calculate? What is the general double what price? PCB proofing usually is according to the area, in the 1010 double pane and the 1010 price is different. And double sided PCB proofing, usually the price is in 100 - 400 yuan plate and so on, its contains the flying probe test. Guangzhou PCB PCB unit price is the price per unit area length * width ( Including the edge) For example: your PCB is: rectangle: S axb = ( Rectangular area = length * width) , square: S = axa { A square area = length x length) Makeup, need to be calculated on total area, divided by the whole quantity. In addition, there are some engineering costs, such as mold, film, measurement, etc. Like to do after the big cargo or long-term cooperation partners, construction cost can be avoided or after reaching the amount can be refunded. Shenzhen Rocket PCB Solution Ltd co. , Ltd. , professional to provide you with PCB, PCB proofing, circuit board sandwich plate proofing proofing, circuit boards, PCB, 1 - 34 layer PCB board, HDI board, PCB batch system board, circuit boards, circuit boards, PCB board factory, circuit board factory, circuit board factory!
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