Why choose Rocket PCB?

Why choose Rocket PCB?


Full Service PCB Fabrication and Assembly Services

We're one of China's professional PCB fabrication and assembly service suppliers serving worldwide experts, engineers and manufacturers since our establishment in 2002. With over a decade's experience in development, manufacturing, assembly and testing of custom printed circuit boards, we're now capable to provide a full range of services, from rapid PCB prototyping, circuit boards manufacturing, PCB assembly to components sourcing services, all with guaranteed quality and cost-effective price.Our products cover a wide range including rigid, rigid-flex, HDI, any layer, Flex, large-size, embedded, RF, LED, backplane, metal substrate, ceramic substrate, IC structure, high-frequency, heavy copper and undergo strict surface treatment process. We support a full range of PCB prototypes and batch production and now we have thousands of prototypes for mass production.

Certified Quality Standards

With something as critical to the reliable, effective performance of your electronic components - not to mention the overall success of your manufacturing operation - as your printed circuit boards, you can't afford to sacrifice anything when it comes to quality. When you choose Rocket PCB as your circuit board supplier, you get a company with a decade-long track record of providing high-quality PCB solutions to global customer base. We make quality the top priority in every phase of our operation, including PCB development, manufacturing and assembly.

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A key reason why we're a preferred PCB manufacturer for worldwide clients is our adherence to the stringent quality standards that apply to every area of our industry. For instance, our standard PCBs meet the demanding IPC2 quality standard, while our proto boards are manufactured to achieve IPC1 compliance. Additionally, our assembly services fulfill the IPC3 standard requirement. We're fully compliant with ISO9001:2008 quality management systems.

Quality Guaranteed with Our In-house Quality Reviews

We implement many proactive steps to verify the quality of our processes and PCBs. Our engineering team checks every PCB design prior to the production/assembly phase to ensure there are no inherent flaws and that the design meets client's exact specifications. 

Save time and be more efficient

We offer Full Turnkey PCB Assembly services, which include PCB fabrication, component procurement, and PCB assembly. Our one-stop service negates the need for you to manage several suppliers across various timelines, thus increasing your efficiency and cost-effectiveness. As a medium-sized company, we are fully responsive to our clients' needs and can provide a timely and personalized service that larger firms cannot emulate. Our exemplary client satisfaction rate is a testament to our ability to impress.

Excellent Customer Service

We want to offer the highest value PCB services and the greatest trading experience with smooth and efficient customer service.We have learned how to serve our customers and how to serve them well. These are just some of the things our customers like about us:

• Instant online quoting, ordering and reordering features

• Quality guaranteed services

• Competitive price & NO min order quantity required

• High customer satisfaction rate

• Knowledgeable support team available via phone and email

• Function test based on customer's specific requirements

Contact Us to Learn More About Our High-Quality PCB Solutions.

As a well-known electronic enterprise in China, relying on a strong factory background, Rocket PCB has more than 100 technical staff,equipped with domestic and foreign top equipment. 

At present, our main products cover high-speed server boards, large data memory circuit boards, high-frequency hybrid boards, multi-stage HDI boards, IOT modules, security circuit boards, etc. which are widely used for communication, medical, military, security, industrial, automotive fields. Products are sold far to North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and other international regions.

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