PCB circuit board manufacturing process

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-15
In the electronics industry, almost all electric equipment used circuit board, and PCB circuit board is in the heart of all electrical appliances, is an indispensable electronic component. Today by Rocket PCB circuit of small make up to bring about the circuit board process of 12 major steps: 1. Evaluation of engineering data of PCB circuit board: the customer orders to figure custom circuit board, to engineer evaluation, and then optimize provide PCB circuit boards of engineering data, provide technology guarantee and support for PCB production line. 10 HDI PCB layer 2. Open material preparation: Rocket PCB circuit are all made of domestic three big plank: global, deep building, yi ( Choose, according to the customer's requirements) , is all adopts the mechanized precision cutting, good product start from the source. 3. Drilling: using imported precision high-speed drilling machine, the production of wide, 8 shaft drill drill down at the same time, the efficiency and quality assurance at the same time, the auxiliary process ensure the empty wall roughness, convenient process after production. 4. Heavy copper: heavy copper wire factory using automatic operation, reduce human practice and improve the quality stability, professional operators to lose concentration I real-time monitoring to ensure the production. 5. Graphic transfer: imported pressure film machine and dry film production, pin nails registration, to ensure the wire diameter line spacing. 6. Electroplating: the chemical production, increasing pore copper level to ensure that the PCB surface copper electrical properties of the optimal. 7. AOI optical detection: candle carved before the quality inspection, to ensure a pass rate, using foreign well-known imported equipment. 8. From the customer original file conversion film for film, packaging after testing in preparation for the graphical process after transfer. 9. Screen printing words: using automatic text screen printing machine, ensure the definition of the word and stereo feeling, convenient SMT soldering. 10. Surface treatment: PCB circuit board factory general surface treatment has spray tin lead, lead-free tin, zedoary, OSP antioxidant, gold-plated, tin and heavy silver, nickel, bare copper and choose plate this kinds of material. 11. CNC forming: introduce high precision CNC CNC, ensure the PCB features of size tolerance level beauty, while improving the production efficiency, Large amount need to open the mold) 。 12. PCB: final testing this is end of the production line process. All use high speed flying probe tester level test rack for testing machine, high speed testing machine is at present most of the PCB manufacturer for equipment, equipped with expensive, the efficiency of nitrogen gas detection is not ordinary equipment. Give you simple introduction: above is the Rocket PCB circuit board factory step process with the machining process knowledge, proofing, circuit board processing, want to learn more about PCB circuit board production, HDI circuit boards, high-precision multi-layer circuit board related information, please pay attention to our company more dynamic!
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