how to recycle printed circuit boards

by:Rocket PCB     2019-08-15
Electronics from computers to DVD players to toasters have printed circuit boards.
Printed Circuit Boards account for 3% of all electronic waste.
These boards are made by some non-
Biodegradable materials
Some are highly sought after like a small amount of precious metals they contain.
Others need some innovation to reuse.
Learn how to recycle printed circuit boards to reduce the impact on the environment rather than having these materials clog the landfill.
Sending your boards to recyclers there are many companies seeking printed boards to remove and reuse the precious metals they contain.
If you work in a company that drops a lot of discarded printed circuit boards, you may sell them these products that are no longer used.
There are also companies that will accept donations for outdated computer equipment you wish to recycle, including printed circuit boards.
Companies such as Apple, Acer and Hewlett-Packard buy goods for free.
Others, such as Epson, charge a nominal processing fee for handling recycled items.
There may be places where discarded electronic equipment, such as printed circuit boards, can be recycled.
Recycling catalog website Earth911 can help you find a place to recycle old electronics locally.
You should also contact the waste treatment facilities in your county to ask if they accept printed circuit boards.
When the printed circuit boards you have may be damaged or not available as electronic components, you can still find ways to reuse them.
Many craftsmen are looking for aesthetic inspiration on the printed circuit board.
Some ideas for recycling printed circuit boards by incorporating printed circuit boards into your creative project: the future of recycling printed circuit boards, while metals in printed circuit boards are recycled by recyclers until recently, it\'s hard to find a non-use.
Metal parts.
In 2008, however, Chinese researchers began developing a way to recycle the entire circuit board into new, useful items.
This process involves grinding the circuit board into powder and then combining the powder together with resin.
The resulting materials can be used to build items such as park benches and fences.
By this recycling method, not only will discarded computer equipment be excluded from landfill sites, but a small amount of raw materials will be used, thus reducing the overall environmental impact.
Adding electronic waste to waste logistics or improper handling of electronic equipment has a negative impact on all of us.
It\'s just a step to know how to recycle the printed circuit board.
When you discard, send, or even reuse outdated boards, consider properly handling all of your electronic junk at the time.
Resource ZDNet-recycling-www. earth911.
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