How do PCB waste gas processing

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-11
Serious harm of PCB waste gas to the environment and human health, has caused the attention from the countries all over the world. Printed circuit board waste gas processing has become one of the hot spot of the current international environment. Due to the complexity of circuit board production technology, the use of various raw materials, the types of emission of waste gas is different, but the overall look, produce the gas concentration is low. Circuit board in the production process of waste gas for more volatile material, easy to burn. Therefore, 'PCB' circuit board can use catalytic oxidation burning waste gas processing method. PCB waste gas treatment equipment of catalytic combustion method is with the catalyst under low light-off temperature ( 200~300℃) No flame combustion, and the organic waste gas oxidation technology is decomposed into CO2 and H2O. PCB/PCB PCB waste gas treatment equipment of catalytic combustion, reactive oxygen species) are the severe oxidation, catalytic active component will air oxygen activation, when in contact with the reactant molecules, energy transfer, reactant molecules is activated, so as to accelerate the oxidation reaction. Compared with general flame, circuit board catalytic combustion waste gas processing system has incomparable superiority, so the catalytic combustion in the recycling of PCB waste gas processing, energy, get the attention of people. Above is about the characteristics of PCB waste gas 'PCB' and how to deal with the related introduction, more about 'PCB' related issues can be read through Rocket PCB manufacturer websites or online consulting.
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