Do PCB circuit boards need to pay attention to what matters

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-08
With the rapid development of The Times, it may be a lot of friend don't know that PCB circuit board production and processing of process variability, can choose according to different requirements we different technological requirements, so how to choose in the circuit board to make? PCB circuit board production and processing of electronic components is known to all the carrier, PCB FR4 fiberglass materials ( The substrate coated with copper) There are many kinds of, fire rating and its mechanical strength is different, so on the circuit board to make surface treatment we can select tin, zedoary, antioxidant ( OSP) Such as different processes. There is resistance welding and printing we can choose a variety of colors, green, red, blue, white and so on! Green oil for commonly used. PCB multilayer circuit board PCB circuit board production and processing in addition to the process of production we also need to pay attention to the choice of the PCB circuit board production and processing of some common problems. We can be divided into two parts to distinguish. A. PCB PCB engineers and docking matters needing attention are: 1, carefully select number of PCB proofing, to effectively control the cost. ( Conventional proofing of 5 - number 10个人电脑) 2, special confirm electronic encapsulation, avoid the PCB packaging error proofing failure. 3, to conduct a comprehensive electrical inspection, to improve electrical performance of the PCB. 4, completes the signal integrity layout, lower noise improve PCB is stable. 2. PCB proofing manufacturers docking meaning items are: 1, carefully check the PCB file, to avoid data problem. 2, a comprehensive process for approval, and own factory process configuration. 3, control the production quantity, reduce the cost and quality of care. 4, communicate with proofing customers attention, prevent accidents in advance.
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