two apple engineers want to create the brain for fully-automated manufacturing

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-03
During Anna-
She worked at Apple for six years and spent a long time in China.
Her last position was to oversee the first member of parliament.
A generation of Apple watches on the contract manufacturer\'s website.
Almost everything is hand-assembled and a lot of people do repetitive work for a long time.
\"This is a group of humans with basic assembly tools,\" said Shedletsky . \".
\"People tend to think we\'re a lot ahead of automation.
\"Almost all consumer electronics are made like this today ---
Large contract manufacturers in Asia are hired to do assembly work.
But for companies outside China, it\'s hard to keep track of what\'s going on.
They have to send teams to oversee production and make sure everything goes well.
Shedletsky wants to make this way of manufacturing a little easier for the company.
Shelton ski and Samuel Weiss, another former Apple engineer, started the manufacturing startup, instrument.
Los Altos, California
A camera system is established based on startup, which requires high
Define the picture of the product in various states of the assembly process and send it back to the company.
Instrument software can then allow companies to remotely track how their products are assembled.
But for the company, the bigger vision is to introduce more automation in a process that is still very manual.
Instruments dental has started deploying machine learning techniques to find out any manufacturing anomalies and to track where something went wrong.
For example, the solder joints on the PCB board may change slightly on one line.
The instruments system can identify minor changes and alert the company.
Over time, as deep learning techniques are further trained with more image data, the software will be able to better identify when there are defective units and determine where the errors are.
The startup sells its hardware and software to companies that actually design and sell hardware.
The companies then installed it on the assembly line with the contract manufacturer.
At the moment, it has two partners to talk about: Pearl, the manufacturer of car licenses with spare cameras, and light, the manufacturer of advanced digital cameras that have not yet been shipped.
The company has deployed machines in major contract manufacturers such as Foxconn, Flex, Primax and Goertek.
Instruments with 12 employees have raised $10.
From Eclipse, the first round, and Root Ventures to 3 million so far.
When the company first launched in 2015, Shelton ski and Wes planned to build robots for fully automated factories in the future.
Apple has some of the world\'s most advanced supply chain operations, and soShedletsky wants to know why so many people are still involved in assembling its products.
But she quickly realized that there are already many companies building these high levels.
The last industrial robot, andit is a game. -
All you need to do is make a machine that can make something slightly cheaper than having a person build it in these countries for $2 an hour.
The real value will be to get all the data from robots, to make an AI engine that will make these automation plants run more efficiently.
Shedletsky believes in the inevitability of automation.
By 2020, for example, China had doubled the use of industrial robots to 800,000.
Shedletsky said that automation will eventually bring more manufacturing back to the United States because \"it frees manufacturing from the cheapest place in the labor force.
Automation has become a foregone.
You can do something interesting to stop it, but it\'s a bit stupid . \"
\"We are pursuing wisdom.
This is the next stage of manufacturing.
While robots are still filtering in the long tail of the supply chain, the next thing is how to use these machines to create intelligent systems.
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