The difference between circuit board and aluminum plate

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-13
What is a circuit board PCB generally refers to printed circuit board. Printed circuit board { PCB circuit boards} , also known as printed circuit boards, the provider of the electrical connection in the electronic components. It has a history of more than 100 years of development; It is the design of the main landscape design; The principal advantage of the circuit board is greatly reduce wiring and fitting error, improves the automation level and rate of productive labor. According to the circuit board layer can be divided into single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB, four layer circuit boards, six circuit boards and other multilayer circuit board. Because of the printed circuit board is not generally end products, so in the name of the definition, slightly chaotic, for example: personal computer motherboards, known as the mainboard, and cannot be directly referred to as circuit board, although there is the existence of the circuit board in the motherboard, but is not the same, so the evaluation industry both on but can't say the same. Such as: because of the integrated circuit parts load on the circuit board, so the news media called him the IC board, but actually he is not the same as the printed circuit board. We usually say that the printed circuit board - refers to the bare plate Is not on the components of the circuit board. Double sided PCB circuit board what is aluminum plate aluminum plate with good heat dissipation function is a kind of metal base copper-clad r. p. panel and general single aluminum plate is made up of three layers structure, the circuit layer ( Copper foil) , insulation and metal base. Common in LED lighting products. Has two sides, the welding of the LED pin on one side of the white, the other side aluminum instinctive quality, usually apply thermal coagulation pulp after contact with parts of thermal conductivity. There are ceramic substrate, and so on. LED aluminum plate thermal conductivity is a Rocket PCB circuit board manufacturers, focus on the multilayer circuit board production, high impedance PCB, thick copper plate, HDI board, blind buried via PCB, FPC soft plate, PCB circuit board proofing and small batch production.
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