PCBA process of the common problems and solutions

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-03
SMT processing is the core technology, in the process of SMT SMT processing speed often limits the capacity of production line. A SMT processing production line to at least have a SMT components of high-speed placement machine and a regular size special size for SMT components of multi-function SMT machine. In the process of SMT placement processing will always encounter all sorts of problems. Rocket PCB factory below small make up to you to introduce the reason of these common problems and solutions. 1. PCBA processing poor wetting phenomenon: during the welding process, the base plate welding area and does not produce between solder after infiltrating metal reaction, cause less welding or leak welding. Cause analysis: ( 1) Wave soldering, the substrate surface gas, are prone to poor wetting. ( 2) When solder residual metal more than 0. Level of 005%, the flux activity is reduced, and poor wetting phenomenon happens. ( 3) Welding area surface contamination, surface with flux welding area, or SMT components generated on the surface of the metal compounds. Will cause poor wetting. Such as the surface of the silver sulfide, tin oxides at the surface of the all make poor wetting. PCBA processing/SMT solution: ( 1) Strictly implement the corresponding welding process; ( 2) PCB circuit boards and components surface should be clean; ( 3) Choosing the right solder, and set a reasonable welding temperature and time. 2. Made a phenomenon: to above components not contact pads at the end of the inclined state or had been exposed to solder ZhiLiZhuang. Cause analysis: ( 1) And the wettability of solder paste; ( 2) Electronic components itself prone to made a shape; ( 3) Reflow soldering temperature rise too fast, uneven heating direction; ( 4) Choose the wrong solder paste, no preheating before welding and welding area size selection error. Setting up reasonable solder printing thickness; Establishing reasonable reflow soldering area temperature rise; Storage and access the electronic components as required; Reduce molten solder from the end of components of surface tension; PCB circuit boards need to preheat, to ensure that the uniform when the welding heat.
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