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by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-25
Details don't know if you have found that, in most of the circuit board manufacturer's web site, we always see the a column 'process capability', this just seems to be good or bad of the circuit board manufacturers strength. Eat the melon masses have curiosity, Rocket PCB electronic small make up today to talk about the process capability of circuit board manufacturers height is determined by what factors? 1, the number of layers and the top plate to note here, surface treatment technology, the range of thickness, the thickness tolerance and plate type, want to use appropriate design software, at the same time ensure quality PCB circuit board production. Will together these aspects above, if the final display circuit board technology is good, the process capability is higher, shows that the circuit board manufacturers to ensure the quality of circuit board. 2, line graph line graphics including minimum line width line distance, minimum network line, minimum etching font word wide wide line, minimum BGA welding plate and binding, finished product copper layer thickness, go inside and outside line and shape spacing and so on. Only to understand and master these parameters, the research of line graphics quality is high. 3, drilling, drilling and appearance should be paid attention to the details and the first point of line graphics, and in terms of appearance, should pay attention to the smallest slot knife, maximum size and V - The CUT, to ensure complete clean shape. 4, characters and process characters should grasp the minimum character width and height, line width and patch characters frame spacing and resistance welding spacing; And process should pay attention to the peeling strength, flame retardancy, impedance type and special process, etc. 5, resistance welding and makeup resistance welding, the type of resistance welding bridge must be familiar with the design of the spacing between bonding pad; As for PCB puzzle, pay attention to the gap problem and familiar with the rules of PCB half orifice makeup and merge of many shipments. Rocket PCB electronics was founded in 2002, is a manufacturing and sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises, focus on high-precision multi-layer circuit board, 2 - 40 layer) , flexible circuit board ( FPC) And special printed circuit board etc. Group has advanced automated production equipment, with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, modern management concept and 'one-stop' work style, many varieties of business characteristics, to become China's leading printed circuit board. Group invested 600 million yuan, set up two manufacturing base, dongguan and consists of dongguan to Ann Rocket Rocket PCB PCB two subsidiaries, the staff 600 people, services more than 5000 customers around the world, products widely used in communications, industrial control, medical, defense, electricity, cars and computers, and other fields.
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