parallel gpu circuit board

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-23
Anyone with experience making their own technology from scratch, have you ever tried making parallel GPU boards?
I want to try to do one, but I legally don\'t know where to start.
I don\'t even know if these schematics are reasonable.
I just ask for help, even books that can help me.
I know that making a cluster is a way to replace what I want, but I don\'t want a cluster because it won\'t be mobile.
I mean, once we\'re all here-
I have a mobile cracking unit in that sense, but if I don\'t have Internet access then the cluster becomes useless.
I would like a parallel GPU CB to be installed on my laptop to help with offline cracking.
Can someone point me in the right direction to achieve an effective goal? Bloop thanks.
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