numerical simulation and fatigue life estimation of bga packages under random vibration loading

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-06
Finite element study for this work (FE)
Simulation of ball grid array and prediction of fatigue life (BGA)
Under random vibration load
Printed circuit board (PCB)
Test the Assembly under random vibration load.
Record the center displacement response and failure time of the PCB assembly.
The 3D finite element model of PCB components is established by using finite element software, and the spectrum analysis of random vibration is carried out to obtain the response power spectral density (PSD)
PCB components.
The simulation results show that in the actual random vibration test, the center displacement response has a good correlation with the experimental data, and the validity of the proposed finite element model is verified.
In particular, the average root variance (RMS)
The maximum Peel stress values under different load conditions are calculated and compared. Different pre-
In order to study the influence of the reliability of its butt welding point, the tightening force and vibration strength are applied.
Finally, according to the Miner rule and random vibration theory, the fatigue life of BGA solder joints under random vibration load is determined. the experimental verification, the predicted fatigue life of BGA solder joints and the experimental results have reasonable accuracy.
It is concluded that the solder joints of the BGA package four most lateral corners have higher Peel stress values than other solder joints, especially on both sides of the solder joints near the PCB and the BGA.
As the vibration load increases, the stress response of the critical solder joints increases.
The BGA package is easier to damage and fail when the screws become loose.
This study will provide guidance for the Study of the dynamic properties and optimal design of PCB components and the prediction of the fatigue life of BGA solder joints.
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