How to quickly distinguish PCB board advocate board layer tips

by:Rocket PCB     2020-05-29
Now PCB motherboard and graphics card using multilayer circuit board, can greatly increase the wiring area, fast motherboard PCB layer respectively tips! The following know together. Multilayer circuit board PCB circuit connection is through buried hole and blind holes, the main board and display card mostly USES 4 layer PCB, and some is to use 6, 8 layer circuit boards, and even 10 layers of the PCB. Want to see is how many PCB layer, by observing the guide hole can recognize faces, because on the main board and display card using the 4 layer PCB is 1, 4 layer line, otherwise use other layers ( Ground wire and power supply) 。 So, like double-sided circuit boards, PCB guide hole can play wear. If some guide hole in PCB is positive, but in the reverse side to find, then it must be 6/8 layer board. If the face of positive and negative of PCB board can be found in the same guide hole, the nature is 4 layer PCB. Tip: to PCB mainboard or display card to the light source, if the position of the guide hole can be pervious to light, it is 6/8 layer board; On the other hand is 4 layer PCB. Rocket PCB as a professional supplier of PCB circuit boards, focus on high-precision double-sided/multi-layer circuit board, HDI board, thick copper, blind hole buried plate proofing and small batch, high frequency circuit board production and PCB board production.
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