Dongguan factory of PCB production process needs to pay attention to what matters

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-14

As dongguan circuit board factory operators, we must be familiar with the circuit board factory operation and equipment used, the circuit board factory, product quality is the key, but is also important to good machine operation, dongguan circuit board factory workers need to pay attention to what item below small make up to you one by one by the Rocket PCB circuit. A, circuit board factory graphic transfer notice: ( 1) After coating to the development, had better not exceed 48 hr; ( 2) Avoid moisture, humidity is big when the film exposure within 12 hr as soon as possible after the completion of development; ( 3) Only 1 h before developing paint film, should be careful operation, particularly when printing double panel; ( 4) Save the way, please store the shade, shelf life within the time prescribed by the manufacturer; ( 5) Enhancement after skin membrane is more than 2 h, but caution should be put the board skin membrane was scratched, cause break; ( 6) Operating environment, avoid direct sunlight and fluorescent lamp, operating under the ideal environment for clean room yellow light, room temperature is 23 ~ 25 ° C; ( 7) Because of liquid photo imageable etching resist agent containing solvent, it is better for air of workplaces. Attached to the skin when used in soap wash; ( 8) To membrane time depending on the temperature increase and decrease, NaOH concentration increased influence on membrane time is limited, and the ideal concentration is 4% 7%. ( It is best to use automatic stripping machine) Module binding heavy gold PCB will often hear said in laser imaging, laser imaging what considerations? Laser imaging equipment, circuit board factory LDI's features are: a. Processing efficiency is low, not suitable for mass production plate; b。 Processing cycle is fast, suitable for sample board or small batch sheet fast production; c。 Can improve the alignment accuracy, data correction to adapt to the substrate size change; d。 Don't need photoplate, to avoid the exposure photoplate scale influence on image size precision, also save the cost of photoplate. Above are some of the considerations, circuit board factory production process you master?                                

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