zakaria and baer: downed u.s. drone an intel catastrophe

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-11
Editor\'s note: Here\'s the edit record of Anderson Cooper, Robert Bell, and Farid Zakaria\'s discussion on a shot down American themeS. drone in Iran.
Anderson Cooper: We are following the development story of the American drone RQ170 Sentinel.
It is also known as The Beast of Kandahar.
It is reported to be hovering over Osama bin Laden\'s camp to gather intelligence, while stealth technology makes it invisible to Pakistani radar.
Tonight, however, Iran may have the stealth technology.
Iran says they tracked it.
Last week, 170 aircraft flew across the Afghan border into Iran.
Then they say, as you can see in the video above, they shoot it down most of the time. You can see it.
It looks more like landing.
It doesn\'t seem to hurt much. Is it for real?
Experts disagree.
Is it Monitoring Iran, especially its nuclear program?
That\'s not what American officials say.
The story is evolving.
We\'re standing here tonight.
Some of America\'s most cautious stealth technologies may now be in the hands of rivals.
More than half a century ago, we
Opponent, Soviet Union, the debris of the American spy plane, the United States-2 on display. It was state-of-the-
Art and Technology at that time.
Unlike today, they also have a pilot, Francis Gary Bowles.
But as it is today, the story of how he fell is also evolving, and it will take a while to understand the whole truth.
I talked about what the Iranians might have and its mission to former CIA officials and time.
Robert Bell, Com intelligence columnist
The author of The Company We Keep: Husband and wife, really-life Spy Story.
In addition, the editor of Time magazine and CNN\'s Fareed Zakaria GPS host Fareed Zakaria is the same.
Bob, do you think the drone shown on Iranian TV is true?
Oh, I think that\'s definitely the case.
I mean, it\'s not something they can imitate and fake.
I think what happened was either forced to close because of the hacking or because it actually landed --
These drones can land on flat ground.
However, there is no evidence of damage.
This is my problem.
Anderson Cooper: Do you think the Iranians have really invaded the system?
They may have done it.
Washington has denied this so far.
But they can invade these things and order them to land.
They can overthrow American control.
Anderson Cooper: Interesting, Farid.
I mean, it\'s a glimpse, and if it\'s actually a real drone, they do crack it or shoot it down somehow.
It\'s just a glimpse of what\'s basically an invisible war.
A secret war between the United StatesS.
Iran, right?
Of course.
This is something we forget sometimes.
The United States has been very active in various actions against Iran.
Drones are part of it.
They also funded certain groups operating on the Iranian border.
Another point of this glimpse into the future may be that Iran is using an asymmetric approach --
Asymmetric War
Reduce the advantage of the United States.
They can\'t make a drone, but they came up with a way to hack into the system and shoot down our drone.
I agree with Bob.
It\'s not clear what\'s going on yet, but since there doesn\'t seem to be significant damage, there\'s at least a considerable chance that what\'s going on is that the Iranians have come up with some way to do that.
This is a very interesting example of asymmetric warfare.
When the Chinese study how to fight with us, they will do so.
This is clearly being studied by Iranians.
Anderson Cooper: There was also a hacking, Bob-
Some people think this is the United States. S.
Or Israel or anyone else.
Iran\'s nuclear facilities.
In fact, Iranian nuclear scientists, some of them have been killed on the streets of Iran, haven\'t they?
Yes, I think it is definitely Israeli.
The United States has not launched a deadly war against Iran.
It has no authority.
If so, we will see the holes in this area so far.
So, I think our best guess is the Israelis.
But in the view of the Iranians, we are allies with them, and we should also be responsible for this.
I think Farid is right.
We see this shadow war starting to escalate in a serious way.
Anderson Cooper: in fact, if Iran does have the United StatesS.
How bad is this from an intelligence point of view?
Someone compared it to throwing a Ferrari into a cow. cart-
The technical culture is basically that Iran doesn\'t know what to do.
Do you agree?
Farid Zakaria: Not at all.
I think it\'s ridiculous.
Remember, this is a fairly advanced country.
This is an advanced society.
It\'s 90 million people.
They are producing dozens of centrifuges.
They are advancing a nuclear program.
Drones are also very advanced technologies that they are very interested in.
Recent events.
This is a big deal.
I \'d love to know what Bob thinks.
But what impressed me was that it exposed very fragile new technologies in the US.
Remember that Iranians now have what China and Russia want.
They can share with reasonable denial in a variety of ways.
They can take pictures.
They can make blueprints.
So, all of a sudden, they have what the Russians envy and the Chinese want. So guess what?
Next time there\'s America. N.
The Security Council sanctions Russia and China will hold a series of interesting dialogues with Iran.
Bob, do you agree with that?
Is this technology that Iran may share with Russia and China?
This is definitely the case.
I mean, if the Iranians themselves can\'t understand this and figure out how it works, they invite the Chinese people in from these semi-official companies.
They will.
This is very harmful because this drone has, you know, thermal imaging cameras.
The resolution of photography is very, very good.
As we know, this is the same drone used to spy on bin Laden\'s residence before the raid.
It plays a key role in gathering intelligence about Iran\'s nuclear facilities.
Anderson Cooper: So, Bob, I mean, countries like China and Russia don\'t have this drone technology yet?
Robert Bell: not so good.
I mean, we\'re really the best.
We have been doing it for ten years.
This is a key factor in the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and Pakistan\'s tribal areas.
I think this is another intelligence disaster.
Anderson Cooper: Farid, the degree to which drones really affect the battlefield in Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere is surprising.
Farid Zakaria: I think people have forgotten that the terrorist organization is a very small group and the leader is absolutely critical.
What drones can do is take advantage of the disadvantages of terrorist organizations.
They are not large institutional structures that can continue without key leaders.
So, you can target a few key people with a drone.
Drones have become more and more accurate.
You have a huge advantage because can you destroy the whole organization?
The war against al-Qaida is actually a war against top leaders who use drones.
You can\'t underestimate the importance of it.
This is one of the unique weapons in the US arsenal.
China does not own it.
It is not available to Russians.
As far as we know, no one in the world has such a thing.
They might tie it to a horse and fly a kite like a kite.
The smartest way, I think, for American officials to respond to this incident is to accept the Iranian version, not that the Iranians manage to invade --
It then accused Iran of hijacking vehicles in the region over Afghanistan and accordingly demanded the immediate return of illegal \"stolen property \".
International consensus on NATO and the East
European democracies have unanimously condemned the piracy of Iranian hackers.
Basically take advantage of the moment when Iran insists (i. e. , confess)
They brought in the drone.
Control and let Iran fall into the trap of its own propaganda. . . .
Well, it\'s a little too late now.
Leaking all of this \"we were thinking about bombing the crashed suite but quickly backed down\" and denying that Iran took over control made us look guilty now.
You have no clue at all! ! ! As an Iranian-
I can say for sure that this is not a spy drone but a migrating bird.
Endangered species
South, across Iran.
Mullah caught a beautiful bird with no defensive ability and kept it in a cage.
The United Nations and the Security Council should impose a new round of sanctions on them;
They will let the majestic bird fly freely again.
I have an engineering background for signal processing, so I think I can figure something out.
First of all, these drones do not use GPS because it may be damaged locally.
The inside map of the drone is within 1.
0 m so they don\'t need GPS.
Second, while Iranians are able to read video signals, they certainly cannot break the encrypted signals that control the aircraft.
Third, if the recovery of the drone will damage our stealth technology, we will definitely destroy it.
So it\'s obviously a Trojan horse designed to: lead our enemies to death
Finally design the path, collect intel when checking Intel, download viruses, etc. U.
The United States says Iran is not a rational actor.
That\'s why it shouldn\'t have nuclear weapons. U.
S. Began targeting specific terrorists using drones.
It doesn\'t matter because the terrorists did not start an official war.
So if they are found hiding somewhere, they have to be targeted. Now U.
The United States invaded the airspace of another country without launching an official war.
How rational is this behavior?
The only way Iran, where technology is scarce, can control a drone is to push it up a cliff. .
As bad as primates.
Amadinjad is such a D-bag.
The power of hunger wants-be loon! ! ! LMAO! ! ! !
If the drone is just an unmanned survellience plane, Iran has no reason to steal it.
But the more I think about it, the story of this stolen drone, I\'m sure it has more stuff than eyes.
I thought it would destroy itself if the drone got lost or was stolen by the enemy?
I feel that Iran is unknowingly caught up in a well-planned trap, wary of crude oil prices approaching record highs.
The Bay Area and the Strait of Hormuz could become the next war zone.
Although it was only a short war.
Iran is not a powerful warring nation because their soldiers, like Saddam\'s army, are reluctant fighters.
The Iranians are stuck at 632 this year (
If you are a Muslim, you will understand the importance of this date. ). .
Iran can certainly do it. .
But from their history, they are unlikely to succeed without the help of China or Russia.
As you all know, there have been reports over the past few years that there are control problems with drones, not only drones running over Iran, but also drones running elsewhere.
After China provided most of all the PCB boards to the United States, the lowest bidder won.
All you need to do is successfully plant an infected PCB/chip in the logistics supply chain.
As far as I know from friends who use this technology, advanced drones are: 1.
Command and control system.
Backup command and control system 3.
Return the basic routine (but no bomb-
Based on self-destruction mechanism)
Not only did unknown opponents successfully hijack the drone, but all sub-routines were disabled.
Without the participation of China or other developed countries, this is likely to be an accident.
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