pcb to review pakistan’s performances in last three years after world cup 2019

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-08
The Pakistan Cricket Board will conduct a \"strong review and analysis\" of the performance of the national team and support staff in the past three years after the 2019 World Cup \".
The PCB Council, which met in Lahore on Wednesday, also agreed that the team\'s performance so far in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 has not met expectations as it has won only one of the five worlds so far, cup.
\"As mentioned earlier, after 2019 World Cup, the PCB will carry-
A rigorous review and analysis of the performance of the team and team support staff over the past three years, and a proposal to the chairman and BoG for their consideration, the statement said.
Failure to the arch
Rival India has aroused strong opposition from fans and former players in China.
The PCB said in a statement that the council had discussed the recent performance of the Pakistani team in all formats.
But the players also expressed their confidence in the team and hope that the team will rebound strongly in the remaining four World Cup games and end with high results.
If Pakistan cannot improve its performance at the ongoing World Cup, it is expected that there will be a massive change in team management, including captain and head coach Mitch Arthur, whose contract expires next month
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