new radar tech targets military, civilian drones, cars

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-08
The technology will \"disrupt the existing radar market, but it will also make it possible for new categories of radar, which is unprecedented . \"
The headquarters said in a statement.
Echodyne is trying to make radar equipment small enough and light to fit on small drones.
Although the behavior of natural materials is only based on their inherent properties, the interaction between super materials and nature is also affected by the way they are assembled.
\"Through our hypermaterial approach, we have fundamentally changed the physical properties of the way the antenna works,\" Frankenberg said.
This has allowed us to make great improvements in cost, size, weight and power.
Frankenberg noted that the price of a typical military radar system starts at $100,000, but Echo Dane hopes to be large
Produce radar at a lower price, up to hundreds or thousands of dollars.
According to Thomas Cole, Echodyne\'s cooperation
The company\'s founder and CTO have tested the new radar on a small quadcopter drone.
\"We bypassed it, did some anti-collision, and locked one of our engineers and followed him around my backyard,\" Driscoll told MIT Technical Review . \".
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In 2015, the radar pushed the car on the road by sending radio waves and creating images of objects using reflected echoes.
The technology was developed for military purposes during World War II and is still expensive due to the size and power requirements of mechanical and electronic radar.
According to Frankenberg, part of Echo Dane\'s \"secret sauce\" is to find out what shapes work best for radar applications and how to make them into circuit boards.
The final product uses printed circuit board technology with \"very standard off-the-
He said: \"electronic parts for shelves.
If so, it will be cheaper, smaller, lighter, and lower power consumption than existing systems.
This could revolutionize commercial drones and drones.
Since it is different from the laser sensor currently used, the radar can work under various environmental conditions.
\"We have the concept of radar vision in which you actually use radar as a visual system for autonomous and unmanned vehicles, not foreign military --
Only grade sensors, \"said Frankenberg.
The richest tech entrepreneurs in Seattle seem to be interested in the technology.
In last December, Echodyne received $15 million from a group of venture capitalists led by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, including Madrona Venture Group, Allen\'s Vulcan Capital, Lux Capital and k.
The start-up was spun off from a patent knowledge firm.
Nathan Myhrvold, a former CTO of Microsoft, founded the licensing and innovation business.
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