How to choose the proofing PCB manufacturer

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-01
As the technology mature and the improvement of the supply chain process, proofing PCB manufacturer production speed faster and faster, also more and more short delivery cycle, what is there specific factors in helping? Proofing as PCB manufacturer in the strength, the Rocket today is to analyze the PCB for everybody allegro PCB circuit proofing manufacturers delivery cycle short what are the reasons? 1, PCB production process management in place PCB allegro proofing process is very cumbersome, if PCB manufacturer fails to in order to complete the production stage of strict management and control, so its production is likely to be inefficient. On the other hand, only in the process of production of strict process management, can greatly improve the production efficiency, guarantee delivery speed. HDI circuit board 2, there are special PCB urgent service for a circuit board the urgent needs of customers, the urgent service is like a blessing. The so-called express service, in fact, according to different type of products the required length is different also, such as single PCB express the fastest can be completed within 24 hours, four layer board can express within 48 hours to complete, small batch and urgent to within 72 hours to complete the & # 8230; … Whatever the PCB products, as long as there is the urgent demand, its production speed must be faster. 3, with advanced production equipment without the copier, how can you file one quickly replicated? Therefore, has the advanced automation equipment for PCB proofing is also crucial. Only for these equipment to use, you can improve their labor productivity greatly by machine, big big shorten product delivery. See here, you should probably understand why some allegretto proofing PCB manufacturer delivery cycle short reason? Actually, shorter delivery time to a certain extent, manufacturers can also reflect the strong comprehensive strength, to see if it can provide customers with professional and efficient PCB proofing services.
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