feds: ahmad khan rahami bought bomb ingredients on ebay

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-21
Federal officials say Ahmed Khan Rahami, accused of planting explosives in New York and New Jersey, bought bomb ingredients on eBay and wrote in a magazine, \"oppress your
A federal court in Manhattan filed a criminal lawsuit against Rahami on Tuesday, accusing him of four charges, including the use of weapons of mass destruction.
According to court documents, details of Ahmed Khan Rahami\'s early life surfaced between 16 and June 20-20, 2016, eBay user \"ahmad rahimi\" purchased several items described by FBI investigators as being used to improve explosives, including the Citric Acid USP/food grade 5 pound package, \"perfect for bath bombs and candy making.
CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid reported that in addition, the \"10 PCS prototype printed PCB Printed Circuit Board prototype bread plate\" and the fireworks launch system electric ignition display project.
Popular News Democratic debate \"heartbeat\" bill litigation family planning interview capital a breach of contract investigators said Rahami packed the pressure cooker with BBs, ball bearings, Christmas lights and a kind of explosive called tanerite
He used the flip phone as an explosive device.
The bomb is similar to a device left behind by the Boston Marathon bomber and the San Bernardino gunners that did not explode.
Assistant director of the New York Federal Bureau of Investigation William eney Jr. said: \"The investigation is in progress, so we continue as we learn more, but I have no indication that there are cells running here.
The complaint also includes excerpts from the diary written by his hand.
The author praised Anwar al-Awlaki, a U. S. -
The born clergy were killed in 2011 drone strikes, former US president Nidal HassanS.
The Army major committed 2009 atrocities at a military facility in hudderburg.
The prosecutor said that the document ended with: \"The sound of bombs will be heard on the streets.
Shoot your police.
Your oppression is dead.
It is not clear whether Rahami has a lawyer to comment on these allegations.
American officials told CBS News that American citizens born in Afghanistan and living in New Jersey left a notebook with a bullet hole and a handwritten note.
Bomb rock New York, New YorkJ.
According to CBS press and homeland security correspondent Jeff peeger, both pieces of evidence contain a written rant indicating that he is a consumer of a variety of radical ideologies from several different terrorist groups.
However, investigators do not know whether he is under the command of a terrorist organization or inspired by a terrorist organization.
William McKinney Jr.
The FBI\'s assistant director in New York says there has been no indication so far that the explosion was a work of a larger terrorist group.
Federal officials recently conducted an investigation into Rahami.
In the 2014 incident, police responded after a stab at a family home in New Jersey.
Rahami is said to have stabbed one of his brothers and sisters.
Bomb rock New York, New YorkJ.
When local police arrived, a neighbor told them that they had heard Rahami\'s father yell at his son that he was a \"terrorist \".
Police arrested Rahami on suspicion of knife-wielding and convened a joint terrorism task force.
The FBI and the state police department responded.
They interviewed their neighbors.
In an interview, his father said he shouted \"terrorists\" in an angry moment \".
The FBI began an assessment \".
\"During the investigation, the father was re-examined. interviewed.
He again denied the claim of \"terrorists.
No evidence was found to support Rahami\'s claim that he was a terrorist.
No stab wounds have ever been charged.
Although officials say rahamitrait has traveled to Afghanistan many times and at least once to Pakistan, it is not clear what he has done in these places.
An Afghan official told CBS News that during his last visit to Rahami in 2014, he was considered a long way from Pakistan. Because there is no record of his entry through the Afghan airport.
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