bagzone bags a new identity, re-branded as house of samsonite

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-19
\"The first big store will open soon at Pune mall.
In fact, most of the houses in the Samsonite store will be placed in the mall, \"bishnoy said.
The world-renowned travel and lifestyle brand Samsonite is renaming its many
Brand retail store Bagzone, convert them into what is now called \"Samsung Home \".
The first such store, located at 776 square feet, opened on Wednesday at Treasure Island mall in Indore.
The company, which currently operates 25 Bagzone stores, will be rolled out in a new format.
The overall plan is to operate 50 Samsonite stores by Decemberend.
Director Alok Bishnoi specifically said to dna
Samsonite South Asia Pvt Co. , Ltd. said, \"in addition to transforming the existing Bagzone store in Samsonite store, we will launch new stores through a hybrid model owned/operated and franchised by the company.
There are three brands in the new format (
Samsonite, American tourists and High Sierra Leone)
At present, each product is unique and ensures that there are products suitable for different age groups and different tastes.
The future brand increase in the store will also include Lipault.
\"The core turnover of Samsonite\'s current business in India is Rs 1,000 and is expected to grow by 15-
20% through the launch of this year\'s new format stores.
According to bishnoy, while there will be smaller format stores occupying 700 to 1,200 square feet of retail space, management is also trying to scale up
Stores are located anywhere from 1,800 to 2,000 square feet.
The company will spend any fees between Rs 20 and Rs 30 in each store, and capital expenditures will be completed through internal accrual projects.
\"The first big store will open soon at Pune mall.
In fact, most of the houses in the Samsonite store will be placed in the mall, \"bishnoy said.
Although India\'s unorganized baggage market is more than Rs 6,000, Samsonite has about 40% of the organized baggage market in Rs 3,500.
However, the company has the largest market share in India\'s premium luggage and travel accessories sector, exceeding 70%.
On Friday, March 11, 2016, Volvo motor India will launch a new S60 off-road vehicle, making significant progress in India\'s automotive sector.
According to Tom von Bonsdorff, general manager of Volvo India, this is a car designed in Sweden but designed specifically for the Indian market.
Although the company has not disclosed the price, according to auto circle media reports, the company\'s price is between Rs 40 and Rs 45.
Blue Star, one of India\'s largest Central Airlines
Air-conditioning companies with annual turnover of Rs 3,000 will launch their air-conditioning series
The cooler for next month in April.
The company will launch four products of the blue star brand Windus air cooler.
In order to open up new revenue channels, BlueStar will also launch its series of airlines-
April purifierWhile the air-
The cooler will be produced in Dehradun and the company plans to get air
Purifiers made in China.
Shoppers Stop, a fashion retailer, has boarded Debasish Gupta for its marketing, loyalty, and analytics business.
Gupta has a successful track record in marketing, sales, CRM and brand strategy, and has accumulated rich experience in consumer goods, services and retail.
He will report to Salil Nair, chief executive officer of Shoppers Stop.
Commenting on the appointment, Govind Shrikhande, general manager of Shoppers Stop Ltd, said, \"Debasish shares our values and our focus on innovation and our clients --delight.
He brings a wealth of experience in the field and leadership in marketing, and I am confident that his vision and leadership will help us achieve leapfrog development.
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