6 layers PCB optimum laminated structure

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-07
Six layer PCB with, signal lines, power supply, through 1 below. 6 mm thickness for laminated structure analysis which structure is the most appropriate. First to introduce the general structure of six layer PCB circuit board factory, this structure used in ordinary high speed signal of the PCB. Ordinary structure are the two core board to add two pieces of copper foil and PP plastic ( Half cured film) Pressing of 6 layer board. 1: Top - 接地, Siganl_1- Siganl_2- VCC - Bottom stratum and power effectively shield the Top layer of Siganl_1, Bottom layer to Siganl_2 interference. Siganl_1 and more than 20 mil between Siganl_2 reduce crosstalk between two signal layers. Need to production according to eight layer plate flow ( Commonly known as 'false eight layer') Structure 2: Top - Siganl_1- 接地, VCC - Siganl_2- Bottom the formation structure and power supply are fully coupling, the Top layer to Siganl_1 / Siganl_2 prone is nearer to the Bottom layer between signal crosstalk, signal isolation effect is not good. 6 layer board lamination 3: Top - 接地, Siganl_1- VCC - 接地, Bottom the structure formation and power effective shielding Top layer, Siganl_1, signal crosstalk between Bottom layer, add a layer of stratum, less a signal layers, the structure is obviously the most optimal in terms of shielding crosstalk, defect is less a signal layers. 6 layer circuit board lamination multilayer circuit board design is closely related to the actual circuit, different circuit anti-interference and design have different emphasis points, according to the product demand has priority. Type circuit of high speed signal can finish in a signal layers of cloth, solution 3 is the most applicable, need to use solution 1 structure. The following is case RK3399 embedded motherboard structure. 1 the board using this structure, there are 90 ohm 50 ohm single-ended, difference, difference of 100 ohm. Siganl1 and Siganl2 40 mil spacing, effectively avoids the signal crosstalk. At present is the structure of the six most layer circuit boards using Rocket PCB circuit board manufacturers, is a focus on multilayer circuit board production, high impedance PCB, thick copper plate, HDI board, blind buried via PCB, FPC soft plate, PCB circuit board proofing and small batch production.
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