The number of circuit board layer to distinguish between what is

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-12
Circuit board is divided into single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB and multilayer PCB, multilayer PCB refers to the number of three or more layers of circuit board. Multilayer circuit board production process on the basis of single and double panel will be combined with the inner pressure of production process. Using the slice distraction can also be analyzed. Below take you to look at! Single-sided PCB we just mentioned, on the base of the PCB, components converged on one side, in conductor is gathered on the other side. Due to the wire side only appear in the meantime, so let's say this kind of PCB is called single panel ( 单 站) 。 Because of single-sided PCB in planned line, there are many serious bound ( Because only one side, wiring between cannot pay * and it is necessary to separate paths around) , so just early circuit to use this kind of board. Double-sided double-sided circuit board module binding board this double have wiring circuit board. But you have to use the double wire, it is necessary to have the appropriate circuit connection between double. The 'bridge' between the circuit is called guide hole ( via) 。 Guide hole is on the PCB, or coated with metal holes, with double wires connected. Because the area of the double panel is a times larger than a single panel, and because the wiring can be intertwined, To round to the other side) , it is more suitable for use in more than a single panel circuit of clutter. Multilayer circuit board PCB: in the mixed and disorderly use demand, the circuit can be settled into layers of planning and pressed together, and in between the layers are hole connected each layer circuit. The inner circuit copper foil substrate first cut into processing produces standard range. Substrate membrane pressure usually brush before grinding, the way such as micro erosion will do appropriate roughening treatment of surface copper foil, again with proper temperature and pressure will dry film photoresist or attached with it. Will post a good substrate into dry film photoresist exposure in uv exposure machine, resistance in the region of the pervious to light film by ultraviolet light shining will attack after polymerization ( Dry film later in the development of the region, the corrosion resistance will be preserved as a process of copper etching agent) And the transfer film lines on the image to the board face dry film photoresist. Tore to maintenance after the film on the surface of the membrane, membrane surface with sodium carbonate solution by the light of regional development, reoccupy yansuan will reveal copper foil corrosion and hydrogen peroxide solution, constitute a line. Aqueous solution will work again in the end after the body back for dry film photoresist. In fact, more general, one of the most simple distinction method, pick it up to the light, the inner core is not pervious to light, which are all black, is a multilayer, on the other hand is single and double panel, and a single panel, only one line, there was no copper hole. Double panel is both have lines, guide through the hole with copper. About six layer ( ) Above the inner circuit board to active positioning punching machine out of the line between the layers of para riveting benchmark hole. Four layers PCB in order to add to the area of the wiring, a multilayer wiring board using the more single or double. Sandwich plate using several piece of double panel, and in every layer board into a layer of insulation between fastened ( Pressing) 。 Board layer represents the several independent wiring layer, layer is even, usually two layer and contains most of the lateral. Most motherboard is 4 to 8 layers of planning, but skills can be nearly 100 layer board.
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